Monday, November 20, 2006

Multi Fall Ring Matches

All the Marbles was a phenomenal movie. It featured hot women in great pro style action. For its time, it was revolutionary.

Before I was able to see women's wrestling videos, all I really had was my imagination. I would imagine these incredible wrestling matches that combined awesome action with the upset storyline I am so addicted to.

The few pro matches on TV had the action, but not the fantasy aspects. The early topless wrestling videos really had neither. Still, back then, you took what you could find and made the best of it.

There was one specific match on Glow years ago that really got to me. It was a Texas Death Match between Ninotchka and Dallas. It was right up my alley. Dallas beat the crap out of Ninotchka, pinning her several times. Then Ninotchka turned the tide and wound up winning the match with a piledriver!

My problem with the older Golden Girls & Double Trouble tapes is that they were primarily submission based. In most cases, submissions do not cater to my particular fantasy. I like pin falls.

All that changed on the day when I first saw DT-193, a multi pin fall pro-style match from Double Trouble Productions. I was blown away. I couldn't believe how simple the solution was and why I had not thought of it myself.

If you like pin falls, make a match with lots of pin falls. It's that easy. Who said you can't make up your own kind of match? Who said that you can only follow what the TV wrestling companies do? 2 out of 3 pins isn't enough for you? Make it 7,9,11 whatever. A 3 count doesn't do it for you? Make it 5,6,8,10.

As obvious as it seems now, it never occurred to me at the time.

The basic premise of the match is that you pin your opponent as many times as it takes, until she is unable to make it to the next fall. Kind of like a "Texas Death Match."

Mia Walters against Alexis. Mia was at her absolute prime back then, sporting a fit hard body. It didn't matter that she was one of the only A cup wrestlers around. She displayed great athletic skills along with her legendary ability to "sell" a beating.

Alexis also impressed me with her athletic ability and great looks. The only thing that bothered me is that she wore a floral pattern Bikini. I don't like floral pattern bikinis.

The action went back and forth with each woman getting a number of pins on the other. These were all good pins, no quick small packages or things like that. In each case, the wrestler was beaten to the point where she could not kick out of the pin.

Granted, neither one of these great performers could ever be compared to the great pros like Wendy Richter, Lei Lani Kai, or any of the Japanese women, but this was, without a doubt, a huge step forward for DT in my opinion. Judging by the number of multi fall matches they have done since then, I suspect that I am not alone in feeling this way. They have tapes where it was 5 of 9 falls or even 7 of 11 among other combinations.

This tape opened my eyes to the possibilities of custom fantasy matches. To this day, the multi fall format remains my favorite type of match, along with the Super Heroine ones. Over the years I have seen some great multi fall matches, and I hope to see many more in the future.

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