Friday, November 03, 2006

Female Fighting News

So here it begins...
I've been a fan of Superheroines in Peril and female wrestling since as long as I can remember. There is something about seeing a seemingly invicible woman going down in stunning defeat. A woman so powerful that the mere thought of her losing is inconceivable. The upset.
I'll be discussing this and many other topics related to Women's wrestling and Superheroines.

As a kid, I found comic books with Supergirl being exposed to kryptonite to be arousing. Later on, I found a Wonder Woman comic where WW is on the cover wrapped in her lasso. She says soomething to the point of "I've made myself helpless. What are you waiting for?" (I will probably post a pic of that cover in a future post). That cover did something to me!

And then I discovered Women's wrestling, the final piece in this puzzle. I like many forms of Women's wrestling from the erotic to the psychotic. One of my favorite matches of all time was a TV broadcast of the old AWA. It was a championship match between Candi Divine and the challenger, Sherry Martel. I stumbled upon it by chance.
Candi Divine fit right into my prototype. Tall, powerful looking & the champion. The match ended with her helpless on her back in the middle of the ring as Sherry Martel jumped off the third rope, splashed her and got the pin. WOW!!! Now mind you, Sherry Martel blew the move. She executed it poorly and it didn't look right, but I didn't care. It was the fantasy dead on! In my mind, Candi Divine, the undefeatable champion had lost in a tremendous upset. That's what I like.

I'm going to try and post here often, just rambling on like I did just now. Let's see where this goes
Female Fighting News


pw said...

I guess it makes sense that it would have begun with comics for many of us. There are a few covers that I still remember to this day but I'm sure I could never find if I spent years searching. I wasn't consciously focused on the strong-to-weak element until much later, but I guess it was always part of the background intrigue. Here and elsewhere, you do the best job I've heard of describing that element.

Anonymous said...

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