Sunday, November 05, 2006

Misty Blue Simmes

Some time during the late 1980's I saw a picture of a women wrestler named Misty Blue Simmes. Remember that old song that goes "just one look. That's all it took?" Well, that's exactly what happened. I saw the face, the body, the hair and the costume and without even realizing it I said "Holy prototype, Batman!"

There was only one problem. I didn't have access to any of her matches. Back in those pre-Interenet days, there were only a handful of wrestling magazines that covered Women, and I scooped up any one with a picture or a mere mention of Misty Blue, but I had yet to see any footage of her.

The reason I was so instantly drawn to her should be quite obvious by now. She has the look of a champion and a body that projects power. Add her usual outfit that to me looked superheroine-ish. The fact that I knew she existed but had never seen her built up the fantasy to even greater proportions.

Several years went by and I finally saw an ad by a video producer named "Delta Tiger Lillies" in which they mentioned Misty Blue. I called them immediately and spoke to a woman who was one of the owners. To my disappointment, she told me that Misty is indeed in that tape, but she does not wrestle because she had an injured shoulder. Sometime after that, and I can't remember the exact circumstances, I found out that Delta Tiger Lillies would be exhibiting at a video trade show in NYC's Javitts center and that Misty Blue would be there too! WOW! I lived and worked 20 minutes away from there at the time, and there was no way that I would miss out on this.

The day finally arrived and I eagerly went over to the Javitts center to see if I could meet my fantasy wrestling superheroine. And there she was, in full regalia wearing her red white & blue wrestling attire. Standing next to her were Candi Divine, another favorite of mine, and Kat LaRoux who I had only seen in magazines until then. I spoke with the ladies for a few minutes, had some pictures taken and then went on my way. My fantasy wrestling superheroine was indeed real, but I still had never seen her in the fantasy.

Several years later, my wish finally came true. Misty Blue was part of the televised LPWA wrestling show. Yahoo! I finally got to see her wrestle after all these years, and I was not disappointed. Of course, now that I had seen her wrestle, I wanted to see her lose! I tuned in week after week, match after match, but she'd never lose.

Finally, the day of reckoning arrived. Misty & Heidi Lee Morgan, the tag team champs went up against "Bad, black & Beautiful" in a 2-3 fall championship match! I love multi fall matches and I sat there hoping that something good will happen for me. It did. Misty Blue Simmes got seriously pounded on by the opposing tag team. The fall ended with a weak and dazed Misty getting a piledriver!!! A PILEDRIVER!!! She was counted out 1,2,3 for the fall and an everlasting magic moment was born.

To this day, that is in my top ten all time women's wrestling moments. As fate would have it, she wasn't wearing the red, white and blue that day, but that skin tight pink was fine by me.

One other time, she was wrestling in a singles match against "Bad Girl" (who was also known as Dallas on Glow). Misty had her out in the center of the ring, but when she went up to the third rope for her signature finishing splash, Bad girl's manager interfered causing Misty to miss the splash. Bad girl covered her and my fantasy wrestling superheroine was pinned again.

Once again, she wasn't wearing the stars and stripes, but I can't complain.

Misty Blue lost one more time in the LPWA against Heidi Lee Morgan, but it was due to interference, and she wasn't in the stars and stripes there either.

I spent years searching out for footage that shows Misty Blue taking a beating, but I haven't found anything.

Earlier today I saw a quote from Misty Blue where she said that in 11 years and over 1000 wrestling matches, she never lost. She did mention an LPWA loss that was reversed due to interference. The tag team pin wasn't considered a loss because it was only one fall.

Knowing this makes that magic Tag team pinfall all the more memorable.

Thanks for a great career Misty-Blue!

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Lee Kensworthy said...

I am a friend of Misty Blue Simmes. Please tell me how to contact Misty?