Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Superheroine Named MasterGirl

Tall women really, REALLY do it for me. 5' 10" & up drives me absolutely wild, especially if they are "Wonder Woman-esque." With that in mind, it's not difficult to understand how I went absolutely crazy over 5' 10" New Zealand wrestler Lisa Marie when she first wrestled for Double Trouble around 1993. Talk about a prototype, she was THE prototype.

The first video I saw was a topless boxing match between Lisa Marie and Sandy White. I was floored! The script was perfect. Lisa Marie, all confident and cocky wiped the floor with Sandy for most of the match, but then Sandy came back and eventually knocked her out. A massive upset and just the way I like it. The next one I saw was a tag team match. Lisa Marie & Susie Johnson against Mia Walters & Bobbi Brandt. This was also a dream come true. Lisa Marie went from powerful to incredibly powerful only to end the match unconscious on her back.

A superstar had been born and I couldn't wait to see what the future held. The thing is, Lisa Marie lived in New Zealand and was only visiting LA. She did a number of videos with different companies and then went back. What a bummer!

A couple of years later she resurfaced on the Internet and I made sure to be in contact with her. We ended up working together on a video that she shot in New Zealand from a script that I wrote. It was called "Amazonia, The Thunder From Down Under" and Lisa Marie played a Superheroine character that was partially inspired by Wonder Woman.

The prototype woman in the prototype character. Can anyone say "Schwing?"

The following year she visited LA once again. An online buddy of mine wanted a custom superheroine match with her in it and asked me to write the script. He wanted it to be very erotic.

Well, I had to think about this for nearly 1/2 a second before agreeing! The result was Lisa Marie as a Powerful Superheroine named MasterGirl, and it was quite risque` by the standards at the time. Nowadays it almost seems tame and it's only been 6 years or so since it was shot.

In anycase, Lisa Marie NAILED the part and did an incredible job. She had that "something-extra" quality that made her the perfect Superheroine. The only other woman I can think of who is THAT good as a superheroine is Tanya Danielle, and it's a safe bet that she will be the topic of a future posting here.

Back to Lisa Marie, she went back to New Zealand shortly after the MasterGirl shoot and I haven't been able to contact her since. I can't even find anyone who knows ANYTHING about what she's up to these days.

It's a shame that she is no longer performing, but at least she managed to make a bunch of videos for companies like Double Trouble, Les Femmes Fatales, California Supremes, Green Eyes and others. To this day she remains one of my favorite performers and a true prototype. Hopefully the last chapter on her has yet to be written.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do remember Lisa Marie very much so. In the past, me & my ex-gf (ex...what a bummer) have had a group on Lisa Marie on Yahoo and I know my ex had occasionally contact with Jonair.

WE gathered as much info on Lisa Marie as possible but at some point LM vanished from the wrestling scene. I think the last thing LM did, as being the top wrestler for TPC in the UK, was to make sure her title was not vacant but made sure it was taken from her by a girl called Hayley from Norway. TPC arranged a 3 match scenario between the 2 which resultedin a 3rd match decision in favor of Hayley. After that ever trace of LM vanished. Even buddy Robin of Les Femmes Fatales has no clue of what has become of LM.
My guess is that LM met someone who was against her wrestling performance and gave her a choice.
Personally I think LM would have wrestled a few years more if it was not for this since LM really liked to compete with other women and was most of the part the dominant party in doing so.
We too will miss Lisa Marie.
former moderator of T_K_L_M

pw said...

I never knew as much about LM as you've posted here, but I do recall thinking she was just awesome in one of my favorite DT apartment vids, DT223 "Gut Slugs." Talk about statuesque! And she sold both the winning and losing moments well. I would have liked to have seen more from her--too bad she vanished. Was the MasterGirl vid ever marketed? Where can it be found? What sort of plot/action did it have?