Saturday, December 02, 2006

Magnificent Mimi Leseos

Magnificent Mimi is one of my favorite wrestling performers. For my interests and fantasies, she has got it all! She's got the looks, body, personality and skills to be my very own dream girl. A rare yet stunning combination of looks, attitude and wrestling ability. She caught my eye from the first second I saw her.

Nevertheless, being a fan of Mimi's does not come without it's set of frustrations. There is a fair amount of material out there featuring her in the ring, and she was even in several full length hollywood movies most of which involved wrestling or fighitng. Nevertheless, much of the incredible potential Magnificent Mimi has in my mind has gone untapped.

Be that as it may, I would like to concentrate on the half-full cup for a moment.

Mimi is a high flying wrestler with lots of moves. She looks undefeatable to me. She's fought against some of the top talent in women's wrestling including Madussa Micelli, Candi Divine, Leilani Kai, Judy Martin, Susan Sexton and others. The better her opponent, the better her moves. She would rise to the occasion every time. She could take bumps and dish it out too. She worked with the AWA for a while and was a regular on the LPWA show while it lasted.
From the half-empty cup perspective, I simply didn't get to see her lose enough. Also, she would have made an INCREDIBLE Wonder Woman.

Straight from the "Jonnie R can't catch a break" files, Mimi was suppossed to go up against Susan Sexton for the LPWA championship. I was totally psyched. These matches were always 2-3 falls which usually meant that we got to see both girls get pinned at least once. This is the same circumstance under which Misty Blue took a piledriver and got pinned. 2-3 falls.

I could not wait until the following week to see this match. The day finally arrived and I was not disappointed. The match was going very well. Mimi pinned Sexton for the first fall. The second fall began and I knew this was my moment. This was my opportunity to see the powerful, stunning and confident Magnificent Mimi taking a beating. I only hoped that she wouldn't get pinned as a result of cheating or a quick pin. That would have really bummed me out. Susan Sexton really took it to Mimi in the second fall. She suplexed her, slammed her and pretty much dominated her for the entire fall. Then the moment of truth arrived. Mimi was dazed, weak and disoriented. Sexton lifts her up on her shoulders and sets up for her patented finishing move, the Electric Chair. Mimi is up on her shoulders. She knows what's about to happen and her eyes reflect panic. Sexton falls back and Mimi comes crashing on to her back. I saw her helpless and dazed for the first time. This is the stuff I LIVE for! Mimi is in big trouble! Sexton crashes down on the helpless Mimi with a full body slam! This is it! She grabs Mimi's leg and covers her for the pin. The ref counts 1....2.....3!!!! Mimi has been pinned. It was a beautiful thing!

Some of you may be scratching your heads right now and saying that this sounds awesome. How could I possibly be talking about this in less than GLOWING terms?

Well, a couple of things. For one, Sexton's pin of Mimi was simply glorious, but we didn't get a good camera angle on it. Also, the camera didn't linger on Mimi at all during or after the pin. Mimi's reaction to being pinned was awesome, but, once again, there was no close shot. The main problem, however, was something that I have never seen before or since in any wrestling match. They went to a commercial after the second fall, and when they came back they announced that the match was over. No third fall. No seeing Mimi in action after taking a pounding. No matter who would have won, I am sure the third fall would have been a huge victory for me.
I have tried to find out what happened on that day, but no luck so far. I always suspected that Mimi was injured for real in a move gone wrong. Right before the pin, they were both outside the ring. Susan appeared to slam Mimi onto the apron. It looks like Mimi's legs were supposed to hook onto the ropes and keep her suspended upside down, but she wound up falling from the apron down to the floor. It looks like she landed on her shoulders. Furthering my suspicion that something went wrong, it looks like Susan asks Mimi if she's ok.

I contacted Susan Sexton online once and asked her about this. She didn't seem to recall exactly what happened, but did say something about Mimi's contract calling for her not to lose on TV.

No matter what happened that day, there was tremendous potential that went untapped.

The LPWA folded a year later and I haven't seen Mimi wrestle very much since. I've seen her movies and followed her career, but the all-elusive "squash" remains a fantasy in my head.

Misty Blue, Wendy Richter, Madussa Micelli, Teri Powers, and some other wrestlers all share the same problem with Mimi in my book. Not enough footage of their defeats. That simply makes the rare footage available even more valuable to people like me. Perhaps future technologies will make it so I can take these wonderful powerful women and use their images in computer generated matches that I will create. It's not that far fetched, you know.

One more brief point on potential not fulfilled, it turns out that Mimi did a video for Golden Girls very early on in her career. She fought the incredible Belinda Belle in what should have been a dream come true. Unfortunately for me, the match was different from what I would have wanted. For starters, it was prior to Mimi's breast augmentation, but I could easily live with that. The thing that really disappointed me was the horrible bikini they gave her to wear. I simply could not get past it. Also, the action wasn't great, Mimi lost by submission and worst of all, there was no drawn out shot of the vanquished Mimi on her back. Alas, another missed masterpiece!


Anders said...

Hi Jonnie,

Excellent post! I am a big fan of Mimi's as well and I think you're really got spot on as to why she really is so magnificent. I always wanted to see her lose as well..

Anyway, perhaps you can help me out a little bit? I have been looking for videos of her, and when reading your post I understand why I have not been very successful. Do you have any tips as to where I could get dvd's or downloads of her matches?

Anything you can do to point me in the right direction is much appreciated, but needless to say if it would contain a defeat that would be the icing on the cake.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your next posts!


Anonymous said...

I would love to see Mimi in a doubleheadscissors match with Bambi.

Anonymous said...

In The LPWA 2 out of 3 Falls Match, Mimi won the first fall with a Top Rope Missile Drop Kick (Sue made her look very good). In the Second fall, Sue defeated Mimi with the Electric chair. Mimi was injured Legit and did not wrestle the last Fall. I do not believe there was any politics involve. I will check with Ken Resnick. Mimi then turned heel managed by Jonathan Blue. She feuded with Bambi. The feud never concluded. Mimi wrestled for Golden Girls, The AWA, The LPWA & Japan. It's not a matter of if Mimi did better as a face or heel. The issue was who she wrestled that could make her look good. I was surprised she never had a feud with Misty Blue in the LPWA. The LPWA certainly protected her. For example, she never wrestled Terri Power, Medusa or Black Venus. There are many missing matches one of which was an AWA title shot Mimi received against then champion Wendi Richter. In the AWA TCS Mimi lost clean & very fast to Candi Devine is a 6 person tag team match. I have that on video from 1989.

Jonnie R said...

Studio Wizardry, thanks for a great comment.
It looked like Mimi was injured for real during the second fall when she fell on her head/neck while Sexton was trying to hang her upside down on the ropes.
I wish there were many more matches out there with her.

In case you're interested and haven't read it yet, I wrote a story about Misty Blue Vs. Mimi.
It's mislabeled as vs. Candi Divine, but It's Mimi/Misty. What a dream matchup.