Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hollywood- 2

I never really thought I would ever get to meet Hollywood, and here I was with the opportunity to meet her again the next evening.
She was working with another former GLOW wrestler, Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa, that evening, and we made plans to meet for a late dinner.
There was a brief moment, after work around 8:00 pm that I actually considered calling to say I can't make it because I was totally exhausted. I can't believe that I actually gave that option about 20 seconds of serious consideration. I shouldn't have even considered it at all, but at worst, it should have been given about 3 seconds.
Having regained my sanity after this brief lapse, I got in the car and started driving to the restaurant. Like the night before, the signs saying "Hollywood" made me smile... until I realized that I was going in the wrong direction! Damn!
Then I get a text message from her saying they're were almost done working. Damn!!!
Drama and nerves aside, I made it pretty much on time and found myself sitting at the dinner table with Hollywood & Lightning. For someone like myself, this was an incredible experience. Sitting with these two women was so much fun.
Cheryl Rusa is extremely nice. She has these piercing blue eyes and great arms. She was able to share great stories about her wrestling and about some of my other favorite performers.
Jeanne was great! It was even more fun the second night. She is beautiful, intelligent, energetic, down to earth and the list goes on and on. Given her work and my interests, we have a tremendous amount of things to talk about. She is passionate about her work and seemed to enjoy discussing it.
I knew in advance that this would be a short dinner. We started late and Jeanne had to work for Double Trouble early the next morning. She was going to work with comic book legend George Perez. This is the man who wrote & drew Supergirl & Wonder Woman for DC Comics among other notable achievements.
We said our goodnights in the parking lot and all went our respective ways.
I was absolutely euphoric on the drive back to the hotel. I had SUCH a great time with these two women. I couldn't believe it.
Meeting Jeanne was a fantastic experience. I was a huge fan of the character she plays. Now that I have met her, I am a fan of hers as well.


"Game Show Man" Joe Van Ginkel said...

Gadzooks. Not only Christine Dupree (the undisputed heavyweight champion of female fighters), but Hollywood too.

I don't believe in luck, but damned if you ain't lucky, bud.

pw said...

Luck aside, at some point, joniar, you ought to write up a little memoir of all your dealings in the industry, chronicling exactly how you've made the associations over the years that have placed you in the position to work on so many cool projects and to meet the legends we know and love. I guess you're sort of doing this in bits and pieces in this blog as you discuss different performers one at a time, but it'd be nice to have YOUR story laid out start to current. Not that I'm gonna try to follow in your footsteps or anything, but it'd be cool to see how your path unfolded. You've had a great run in this arena. Thanks for sharing the details.

Anonymous said...

Wow I cant believe you almost skipped dinner with these two ladies! You absolutely made the right choice..Hollywood has been a favorite of mine since her GLOW days. She's awesome, so I am very glad to hear that she is also a nice person. You are a truly lucky man!