Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frankie Zappitelli

Female wrestling star Frankie ZappitelliOk, let me state clearly what is going to become very obvious very soon.

I like this woman!

Good. I got that off my chest and can now continue.

When I look at Frankie Zappitelli, I see power. A strong, fit woman.

This automatically makes her sexy in my eyes, but Frankie's got more.

If she isn't already, she has the potential to be the total package. Strong, sexy, beautiful, curvy & athletic only begin to describe her. A Stunt woman & mixed martial artist, she became a kickboxer while still a teenager. At 18, she won the Jr. Body Building title for Canada.

Apparantly she likes fighting and has a competitive spirit.

In a certain way, she reminds me of Magnificent Mimi.

Mind you, I have yet to see her wrestle. All this enthusiasm is just from looking at pictures -including one in particular as faithful readers of this blog may recall. More on that later.

I can't remember the first time I took notice of Frankie, but is was most probably in some STJ pictures. What I can remember is being immediatly struck by her body- the body of a female wrestling champion.

Once again, faithful readers know that this is the kind of thing I really like. I develop a fantasy in my mind in which the strong, powerful and sexy woman is built up into epic proportions. She dominates the sport and tears through all the toughest opponents until one day...

Yes, one day she enters the ring, cool calm and confident as always. Powerful body glisting under the arena lights. Strong shoulders pulled back slightly, beautiful breasts jutting out, straining against the fabric of a teeny, tiny bikini top. Her well defined arms out to her sides as her hands rest confidently (open handed, not fisted) on her deliciously curvy hips.

Strong shapely legs spread slightly apart. It's the classic "power pose," a pose that with the right woman is about one of the hottest things I could ever dream of.

The bell rings. She steps into the middle of the ring and dominates her opponent for a little while until disaster strikes!

Momentarily caught off guard, a sneaky clever move on the part of her opponent rocks here like never before.

For the first time in her career, the powerful champion is in trouble!

The champ struggles valienty to bounce back but is ultimately demolished by her opponent in one of the greatest upsets the sport has ever known!

But I guess I digress....

Frankie is a Canadian beauty who came to admire professional wrestlers such as Trish Stratus and the Rock. In a brief interview for Female Fighting News, Frankie said about the Rock,

"He is an athlete and actor, the perfect dichotomy for pro-wrestling."

This understanding has surely made Frankie a better performer in the ring. After all, how many women have we seen that can wrestle, but can't act? How many who can act, but not wrestle? I'm not even going to get into the ones who can do neither, but I digress once again.

Her answer excited me, but not as much as the next one.

I have always claimed that the true measure of a wrestling performer's talent is their ability to convincingly sell taking a beating. Frankie agrees completly.

"Naturally, I'm a real sore loser. When I first entered the biz, I did not want to lose...EVER!"

'Naturally,' I find this attitude to be hot.

"As I have grown as a stunt performer," she continued, "I see the art in losing well."

'Naturally,' I find this to be hot as well.

It's especially hot because she is describing herself, not a character she plays in the ring. I am sure that this too helps make her an even better performer.

So as you all can see, there are many reasons why someone like Frankie would catch both my attention and imagination.

But wait. There's more.

She likes Wonder Woman! Yes, you heard me correctly. SHE LIKES WONDER WOMAN!!!

I love it. That alone make her STILL sexier.

"Wonder Woman looks sweet and passive yet in all reality she has mad skills and strength."

When asked if she identifies with WW since she (Frankie) is a powerful woman herself?

"I do identify with Wonder Woman. She wanted what was good to be done. I too desire truth and empowerment."

She was a fan of the Lynda Carter TV show but says she likes the comic books more.

"I thought Lynda Carter was slightly 'waify' to be a serious superheroine. The comic books portray Wonder Woman as a buff Mama :-)"

Knowing that she is competitive, I asked about her thoughts on all the "Wonder Woman being defeated" videos being produced.

"It takes all sorts" according to Frankie. "No one can always be on top, I think that is part of the truth & beauty...losing and recovering, evolving to win again."

Frankie has played the part of Wonder Woman in clips that are available on

"I didn't want to change out of the costume, I loved it so much."

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now officially smitten!

Interestingly enough, Frankie is also an actress & model and one of her assignments was for DC comics as a Lois Lane model.

So getting back to that one particular picture I was talking about earlier, I took one look and was completely blown away. Within minutes of seeing this picture, I excitedly posted it on this blog in an effort to share it with the world.

It got the old juices running and before long my imagination took over. The result is the collage below where I have taken the liberty of altering Frankie's sexy attire in several different ways.

The end result is quite clear, no matter how many variations one can come up with, the final result is always the same. A seriously HOT picture!

The powerful & sexy Frankie Zappitelli in one of the hottest, sexiest wrestling pictures I have ever seen

So as I said way up top, I like this woman! I hope she has a long successful career where she does lots of videos that I like to see. I am certainly going to keep my eye out for her!
Also, for what it's worth, I think she's a million times hotter with long har.

For those of you who want more information about Frankie Zappitelli, check out , and her MySpace page


redmanx said...

Like my two favourites, Onyx and Raquel, Frankie Z is a hot babe who, as you say, Jon not only can wrestle and fight, she can act too! It really makes a huge difference to me when wrestlers/fighters/performers "sell" the fight with their ability to act out their emotions, pains, joy and despair so well you could almost believe its real! Frankie, Onyx and Raquel do this better than just about any other performer in the Fem Fighting genre, with the possible exception of Hollywood; but theyre overhauling even this legend at a fantastic rate of knots! To see what I mean, see Frankie v Raquel at Pin Up Pro wrestling!

Anonymous said...

Yes, selling is the key. If you think about, most of the selling in pro is done by the announcers, so it's much harder in this sort of thing without them. One of the most important elements is that there are gradations of pain. Especially in a submission hold, it should start with milder discomfort, and the victim fully expects to escape. Then the pain gradually gets worse, compounded by the frustration of being unable to escape. Too commonly they just cut to the chase. Scripted performers would do well to watch some competitive matches (or better yet participate).

Menolothar said...

Frankie Zappitelli is one of the few female wrestlers who takes my breath away. She not only have a gorgeous feminine build, but also a muscular and believably powerful build. It is easy to think she can throw her opponents around or take a punishing beating when you see her musculature. As far as acting goes she does a great job facially and physically. Vocally she needs work but I love watching her wrestle and play out senarios.

Catfight Report said...

I have a Catfight Report VIDEO Interview with Frankie for anyone who is interested.

It was really a great interview by the way!

Frankie Zappitelli Interview