Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Favorite Matches- The Trap

It's no secret that I am a huge Hollywood fan. From the early days of GLOW to this very day, this gorgeous young lady has been a force to be reckoned with.

I remember the first time I found out that Hollywood began wrestling for Double Trouble Productions and couldn't believe it. Later on she started her own production company and introduced her Wonder Womyn character. That too was, and still is, incredible.

One of the best performers in the business, she can play every type of character in the genre from tough & arrogant to helpless & weak. Her website,, has an extensive library of amazing titles and many of them are among my favorites.

This blog will surely discuss other Hollywould productions in the future, but today's topic is one of my all time favorite matches, The Trap.

This video is the first in what became one of her longest running series. If I'm not mistaken, she is now up to The Trap V.

The premise is quite simple. Hollywood is a champion wrestler. Lisa Comshaw has been unable to get a shot at the title. She comes into possession of damaging pictures that if exposed would ruin Hollywood's relationship with her boyfriend. In exchange for not revealing the pictures, Hollywood agrees to let Lisa beat her up for 30 minutes without being able to defend herself. What follows is a brutal one-sided beating with Lisa kicking the crap out of the gorgeous champion.

Why do I like this match so much?

  1. Hollywood's bikini. She wears an AMAZING tiny shiny gold bikini that is just about the sexiest thing I have ever seen. The cut is exactly the way I like it, and Hollywood's hot tanned body looks out of this world. Surely global warming is somehow related to Hollywood and this bikini.
  2. Hollywood herself. She starts out very champion-like, powerful & confident. As the beating goes on, she falls completely apart. I have long stated that the true test of every wrestling performer is their ability to convincingly sell a beating. Hollywood is second to none in this respect, and this tape is no exception. Her posing is phenomenal as well. If, like me, you like the hands on hips "power pose," you will not be disappointed.
  3. The plot. I like the fact that Hollywood is simply not allowed to defend herself in anyway and how Lisa simply demolishes her step-by-step.
  4. Lisa Comshaw. A trained actress who has appeared in many films, she always puts on a great performance. Although I don't think the suit she was wearing was flattering to her, she was still a delight to see.
  5. Hollywood's bikini. Sure, I mentioned it already, but DAMN!
  6. The ending. This is a one-sided beatdown so I'm not giving anything away here. With Hollywood flat on her back on the floor, Lisa jumps on top of her and pins her for posterity. I absolutely LOVED how this was done and found it totally sexy.
  7. Hollywood's Bikini. Hey, what can I do? I'm smitten....

There are two other aspects of this tape worth mentioning, even though they are not important to me. Fans of belly punching will love this tape. Hollywood get punched often and HARD. That leads in to the other aspect- a touch of realism. Hollywood, the consummate professional, insisted on Lisa pounding her stomach with power. The real thing, so to speak. This, too, will be appealing to some fans.

So there you have it, Female Fighting fans. Hollywood's The Trap is one outstanding women's wrestling video, one of many that can be found on her website,

For other favorite matches of mine, check out the blog archives and stay tuned for more to come.


Anonymous said...

This looks like an equally promising match:

Jonnie R said...

I agree. Sabre studios's SS-22 is indeed a great match. I have seen it and I love it.
Vanessa is awesome as always and Goldie is terrific too.

Stay tuned for a blog about Sabre coming soon to these pages.

Anonymous said...

Wow, metallic gold is so hot. Loved those ever since I saw them on both competitors in an old GG tape. It has something of a heroine association for me. At the least, a woman would not wear that unless she expected to dominate.

I thought Hollywood was more attractive before all the enhancements, especially the lips. She had a great character on GLOW and was one of their best actresses. She was someone who could have helped popularize this thing of ours beyond its niche within soft-core porn. Glass ceiling, I guess.

redmanx said...

No doubts, Hollywood was and is one of the greatest stars of fem fighting/superheroine genre, but I have to agree that she didnt need all the enhancing. Im not complaining, Hollywood looks amazing, but a few years, she was stunning! The Trap is indeed a great match up, but so too were Hollywoods two matches with Belinda Belle at Steel Kittens, Out of Control and Millenium Massacre. Dare I say that Belinda was even more stunning than Hollywood in their prime? And two other gorgeous blondes who spring to mind are Karen Collins of Academy fame and Englands very own Kelly who sadly made so very few videos for Festelle some years back. Very few images of this absolutely gorgeous blond remain. Kelly. Karen Collins, would be classed as a jobber, but both were good wrestlers tough, fiesty and sexy! Redmanx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video hear. Interesting storyline and as you said great job of selling a beating by hollywood. hollywood, the champ, is forced to sacrifice her body and gets all beat up. you'll end up feeling sorry for holly by the end of this one, she's helpless, looks totally spent, and all can see that shes really really been beaten up. especially the stomach, the poor woman's belly button has gotta be in critcal condition after this one!