Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sexy powerful super heroines at sooperhero.com Like Dano over at Superheroinecentral.com, Brian from sooperhero.com is a true pioneer in the 'heroines in distress' genre.
At a time when hot women in well-made superheroine costumes were a rarity, he took the risk and filled the void.
He started in 1998 , and the sheer volume of material he has produced is mind-boggling.
To give you an example, check out sooperhero.com/index1.html for a lineup of superheroines that puts my collage above to shame.

Early on, the undisputed star of his site was Wren Andrews, who, as mentioned in another article on this blog, will probably go down in the history of this genre as a ground-breaking superstar.
Her hot body, pretty face, and superheroine demeanor brought her to the very top.

As you can see by the three collages above and below, this is a virtual paradise for fans of superheroines in peril. In fact, the site is actually named Superheroines Demise, and that should tell you everything.

ko'd super heroines at sooperhero.com An earlier article on this blog discussed the Ultra Girl storyline that to this day remains one of my favorites, but there were many others over the years. My one regret is a frequent one, not only on this site, but in general. I like bare legs. Brian, so it seems, prefers stockings.
Oh well. As they say, different strokes...
more superheroine peril from superheoines demise If you are a fan of Superheroines being defeated, and let's face it, you wouldn't have read this far if you weren't, you owe it to yourself to at least check out the site at sooperhero.com.

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redmanx said...

Superheroines & defeat just go together! I guess the only reason Dano didnt call his wonderful site Superheroines Defeat is because its too obvious! Like most fans of the genre I cut my teeth there! The amount of characters Dano created is amazing, and he always atracts top girls to appear in his vids!