Saturday, January 26, 2008


I had a website for a couple of years- until about 8 years ago. It featuring my stories along with several hundred photomanipulations I had done over the years. My photomanipulations never excelled technically, but they had a lot of heart.

My old site also hosted pages for artists who were part of the genre. There weren't blogs back then, and it wasn't always possible to put up your own web page.

One of the people I was fortunate enough to host is an artist named Coldblood. Hugely talented, his photomanipulations were up there with that period's top artists like 4F and others.

The last I heard of him was about 6-7 years ago, but I hope he has continued to be active and share his talents with fans of this genre.

And in the spirit of sharing, the collage above gives a nice sampling of his work.


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Coldblood said...

Joniar! I found this post by accident (thanks BTW). I have tried contacting you but never found where you were hiding.

Yes, I am still manipping. Check out my gallery at Heromorph
(there's lots more at Heromorph, and if you sign up you can view the adult galleries [free]).

Also several pages at the Wizard's Lair

P.S. I would email you, but can't find an address on this blog.