Saturday, January 26, 2008

Favorite Matches- Dt 267

Another one of my favorite matches is dt 267 from Double Trouble Productions.

At the time of it's release, it was the longest multi-fall match DT had ever produced.

It was a fight to the finish between two women who had very short careers with DT, Cindy & Kelly. The fight goes on as long as both contestants are able to continue.

It took 18 (!) falls to settle this one, and both women took their share of a beating.

This match went so long, it was the only one on the tape.

Cindy, as you can see in the collage above, is kind of a hardbody- well proportioned and athletic. Kelly has a long lean sexy body with nice long legs. A rarity in this genre, she has A cup breasts at best, but that didn't stop me from finding her to be incredibly sexy.

Sexy is the operative word here because both of these women really are just that. Neither of them lose their tops, but that certainly didn't matter to me.

The hottest thing about them was their posing. The way they would lay on their backs or on their sides. The way they go out with a sleeper hold. The way they sometimes appeared to be so helpless.

Here are some of the reasons I liked this video:

  • Multi-fall match
  • 18 falls!
  • Each woman gets pinned lots of times
  • Each woman gets ko'd a few times
  • Cindy's hot body in her hot bikini
  • Kelly's lovely long legs and curvy hips
  • Both women wear footwear
  • excellent posing
  • back and forth one-sided beatings

I'm sure that there are other reasons that have been missed.

Kelly may have done a handful of matches for DT. I don't recall ever seeing Cindy again, and that's a real shame. I really liked her in this video.

On the whole, DT 267 is a good tape. Not a great tape, but a very good one. At least I enjoyed it a lot.

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