Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tina Ferrari

powerful & Hot Lisa Moretti was Tina Ferrari on GLOW, Nina on POWW, Lisa Moretti on the LPWA and Ivory in the WWF.

With the exception of the LPWA, where oddly enough, she was not given any special type of status, she has been a champion, or championship contender everywhere she worked.

I like her a lot. She is a wonderful performer and very athletic. She's also pretty hot.

Although I didn't particulalrly care for her first GLOW outfit, or about the way she wore her hair, she managed to attract my attention nevertheless. Luckily for me, her outfit was modified early on in GLOW to get rid of the tutu little skirt look.

Besides having a very pretty face, I was particularly taken in by her midsection and thighs.

Over the years she has provided several memorable moments. For the pro circuit (as opposed to the producers who make custom videos), I would say that was pretty good. When compared to other stars like Misty Blue or Magnificent Mimi, there is quite a bit of footage of her that I like a lot.

The collage above is a homage to some of those moments. The top part is from an LPWA match against Rusty Thomas where Lisa takes a ddt and is then pinned. It happened very, very quickly, but then again, that's what slow motion is for. If I am not mistaken, that was her final appearance on the LPWA and they did not let her go out on top. Rusty Thomas Irish whipped her into the ropes and when she came flying off them, Rusty nailed her with a DDT. Lisa was stunned and pinned!!!

Further down are pictures from a GLOW match where the heel (I forget her character name) uses her "mojo bone" to take control of Tina's mind and proceeds to administer a lot of punishment to her. Tina didn't lose the match, but it was still really good for me. It also kind of fit into my superheroine fantasies and I could imagine this powerful, in control heroine dismantled after falling into an hypnotic trap.

POWW was where "Nina" really had a chance to strut her stuff. For starters, she looked AMAZING. Her outfit was great and she was in terrific physical condition. In other words, she looked really, really hot! She also got to use the considerable athletic ability she had. I actually had the privilage of attending a live POWW show at the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden where she was the main event. In her match against Sasha the Russian, she was suplexed off of the top rope!!! I loved that one.
My all time favorite Tina/Nina/Lisa match was a multi fall extravaganza where she went up against Sasha the Russian (Dementia from GLOW if I am not mistaken). Nina dominated at first, pinning Sasha over and over again. The tables then turned and it was Nina's turn to get pinned a number of times. She was so good at selling being on the losing side and I LOVED seeing that match.
I have a vauge recollection of another POWW match she had against Hot Rod Andy. If I am not mistaken, it was a no DQ match that she wound up winning, but at some point I believe she was Ko'd briefly outside the ring.

Her WWE heyday as Ivory came at a time when I was out of the US for a few years and as such, I probably missed out on some more memorable moments. I did see one match against Chyna which was a squash ( a good thing), but she was dressed in a white shirt and long pants and her hair was pulled back (a not good thing). This fits in nicely with the previous post in this blog that deals with a situation where everything falls in place almost perfectly. This Wrestlemania match can be considered the antithesis to that.
I hope we have not seen the last of this wonderful wrestling performer. Perhaps her best moments ( MY best moments, actually) are yet to come.


Anonymous said...

You're on a roll. What a hot victim. I remember one GLOW match vs. Spanish Red which Tina won but it nonetheless consisted mostly of close-ups of Tina, scantily-clad in that purple thing, struggling, squirming and moaning. She also took a low blow in that one.

Here are preview clips vs. muscular Debbie Kruck and Sally McNeil:

As a corollary to superheroine defeat, I love this sort of thing in which a pro, who should know what she's doing, is shown up by an amateur. Extra humiliating.

Ivory was dropped by WWE 2 years ago. Premier just added something with Tina to their site but I have no idea when it was filmed.

DXnWo40 said...

I want to see more of the matches Diamond Erika Andersch has had in seakings femfights like the one against Ivory.