Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Superheroine Central

When Superheroines-in-Peril historians look back at the early evolution of the online commercialization of the genre, two names must inevitably come to mind; Dan O'Brian from
and Brian AKA Villain4U from

These gentlemen had the vision, the foresight, the talent and the courage to take the fantasies to a previously unknown level and produce high quality material for fans that were willing to invest relatively modest amounts in the form of monthly membership payments. Among their first accomplishments was taking the costuming to new heights and using smoking hot models.

Sooperhero.com. will get a spot on this blog in the near future, but for now, I would like to write about superheroinecentral.com.

The first thing that struck me while working on the collages is the sheer volume of free material that Dano has put out over the years. I do not have access to all my files but still sifted through more than 1,000 pictures I have accumulated over the years.
My favorite characters are Power Angel played by the majestically sexy Tanya Danielle and the Ultra Girl story with the box of Kryptonite. I cannot recall the name of the actress who played Ultra Girl, but she is totally smoking hot and did a terrific job.

The site also features a number of enormously talented artists, including Mr. X and many others as can be seen in the collage below.

I don't know if this is by design, or just my imagination, but I seem to feel that Dano has a "signature pose" or "signature shot" that shows up in many different stories. The collage below depicts this pose. It typically feature a superheroine on her hands and knees, defeated, exhausted and helpless. When properly done, it strongly depicts many of the elements that fit right into my fantasy.

There are some sides to Dano's work that don't fit into what I like, despite the fact that all his work is absolutely first rate AND first class. For example, I don't share his fondness for fluids that are often present in many of his stories. Nevertheless I enjoy much of what is produced on the site.

In one storyline, he brought back Power Angel and put her in a professional wrestling ring, thus combining 2 major elements of my fantasies. He even had color commentary going on through the fight, something that I found quite welcome.

Superheroine Central has always shown a willinngess to experiment. There was one particular storyline that I barely remember now, but it was shot from the Superheroine's point of view. What she saw was what we saw. While I did not really like the results of this particular experiment, I give them a lot of credit for trying. In typical "Murphy's Law" fashion, they had a great model in a great costume with some great action, but the POV camera work really detracted from what was going on, at least for me. I like the spectator's point of view. With the heroine's point of view, you don't get as good a shot of her losing a fight or getting knocked down.
Dano has introduced us to Superheroines played by Tanya Danielle, Leslie Culton and several other women who have gone on to become industry superstars following their appearances on

As the technology continues to improve, it is probably a safe bet that Dano will continue to break new ground. I can't wait to see what he does!


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, love the blog! I'm a big fan of superheroine peril myself, although not so keen on the wrestling side of things. I've got lots of material to trade and discuss, if you're up for that. Are you ever on Yahoo! Messenger? What's your email?

Anonymous said...

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Keep in mind this is a long video (around twenty minutes, I think), and the chloroforming and strangulation each lasts for quite a while. This makes up for so many super heroine videos in which the chloroforming, in particular, is over with almost before it begins. Not so here! There's lots of struggling and lots of fighting.