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Tanya Danielle

Tanya Danielle

A true superstar in every sense of the word, Tanya Danielle is nothing short of smoldering.

The body, the face,the hair, the body language, the attitude. She is by far one of the most exciting performers to come around the superheroine and female wrestling fantasy neighborhood.
She brings something extra into everything she does. She's not the best boxing performer out there, for example, but she brings so much more into the role beyond just the technical aspects of it. It's in the way she delivers her lines. It's in the way she walks It's in the way she reacts & acts. It's just "there."

I love the way she punches. I can't explain it, but she has an almost unique way of throwing a punch. I would suspect that in real life it would not be effective and even leave her open for counter punches, but here in the fantasy, it works for me.

There is something that is just naturally sexy about her. Raw magnitism. She is arguably one of the best superheroine performers of all time.

There are many great dvds out there where Tanya just melts the hardware. My All-time favorite so far has got to be Tanya Danielle as Mega Babe over at Hawk Heroines. Franchesca Le is postively delcious as the villain confronting a super powered heroine with a sexual weakness. The costume is great, Tanya looks incredible and her performance was first rate!

Tanya Danielle did some great wrestling and superheroine videos over at Hollywood's site
. This blog already discussed Super Tanya and that one remains a favorite to this day.
There is also a 4-woman tag team match where she teams up with Coral Sands to go up against Hurricane Havana and Cheryl Rusa. Like with Super Tanya, I was fortunate enough to write the script for this ring match, and it was up to me to determine the teams . On the face of it, one might see this as a complete mismatch. A total squash. The way I figured, I had 5 falls to play with and wanted to fit in as many fantasy elements as possible. It wound up being a match where Tanya and Coral were severely overmatched, but their team work enabled them to put up a good fight and surprise the veteran pros. Of course, I had Tanya take a great deal of punishment and she was just superb! Factor in a most incredible bikini, white sneakers and white socks and you get the webster's definition of "schwing!"

She also appears as the sexy villain in one of's best selling titles, WW vs Fausta, another one that I was given the pleasure of writing. This dvd is loosely based on the LEGENDARY WW tv Episode, Fausta the Nazi WW, where WW is chloroformed, wrapped in her lasso and forced to reveal the secret of her powers. This too had been discussed in depth on this blog in an earlier post. Tanya was simply phenomenal in this DVD and we get the bonus of seeing Tanya Danielle in a WW costume, dishing it out and TAKING IT AS WELL!!!!

Tanya Danielle's work at superheroine central is nothing short of phenomenal. She was first introduced as Power Angel, a walking advertisement for passion. It was there when I first realized that she was perhaps the ultimate super heroine. Her costume was unreal and her performances outstanding. She later reprised that role in a superheroine/professional wrestling combination storyline that was totally up my alley. It also had two wrestling color commentators who totally added to the experience.

Tanya had legendary moments with Double Trouble Productions as well.

Dt-490 has her in a multi fall match against the always awesome Stacy Burke. In DT-500, she takes on the alluringly sexy Jewel (multi fall) and later Shannan. DT-506 has her in a hard fought and very sexy multi fall against Nikki Steele. None of these 3 matches will ever make the hall of fame from an action standpoint, but Tanya's performances really steam things up.

In DT-507, Tanya plays a heroine opposite Jewel and Hollywood. Tanya is so naturally sexy and powerful. So natually SUPER.

She has also appeared in a number of boxing matches for DT and then later for topless wrestling video producer Sabre Studios.

I always wanted to see DT-584. In a rare third match, this tape contains what is described as Tanya taking our Christine Dupree quite easily. If anyone has pictures or can tell me more about the match, I will be real appreciative.

Female wrestling video producer Sabre Studios has had Tanya in for a number of matches and she's been great in all of them. They have one boxing tape out with her and another to be released in late 2007. I have heard rumors about a possible Tanya Danielle Vs. Tylene Buck boxing match that should be filmed by Sabre in late 2007.

Besides that, Tanya has had Sabre Studios wrestling matches with Devon Michaels, Goldie Blair and muscle-girl Heather Tristany.

And if all the above were not enough, she has great...BLOGS! Yes indeed. She writes amazing diary posts that are just riveting to read. I'm not kidding.

There is so much more Tanya Danielle material out there that I am sure I would love, and I hope this superstar phenom continues to put out lots of new material in the future. One day I will get it all!

Parlez vous "schwing," anyone?

Tanya Danielle's main website can be found at

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