Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When it all comes together

Sometimes you get a situation where everything works. A rare example of this can be found in the collage attached to this posting.

In as far as my fantasies go, this is about as close as I've seen so far to capturing the true essence of what excites me. Obviously, it's purely subjective, but then again, it's not like I have a choice. As I always like to say, I didn't choose this fantasy; It chose me.

So what is it about the young lady in the collage?

For starters, I love the look! The cropped top, the tiny bikini briefs and the pro wrestling boots absolutely drive me wild.

Then there is her tan. A perfectly beautiful sun kissed shade.

Her bikini bottoms REALLY do it for me. I love the way they look!

Of course, one can be wearing the greatest outfit in the world and still not look that great. In this particular case, the opposite is true. She has the perfect body to compliment what she's wearing. Her stomach looks hot. Her belly button is gorgeous. Her waist, hips and thighs are spectacular.

Rounding out the nearly perfect picture is the way she wears her hair. It is just the way I like it.

As a bonus, she also happens to be beautiful. Very beautiful.

Her name is Keri and the pictures all come from a shoot she did with Sleeperkid.

I would be thankful for only liking a fraction of the things I mention above, but it gets even better.

Let's start with an example of something that happens with me all the time. Take Magnificent Mimi. This blog has discussed her several times and it is no secret that I am a huge fan. I remember at least once, and probably more, when she would come to the ring looking amazing in a stunning outfit. Like with Keri in the picture, everything would work. Then the action would start, and Mimi would barely be on the losing side at all.

In this case, it looks like Keri got creamed! Taken apart and severely defeated. That's the element that brings everything together. It's the synergy that creates a total that is way bigger than the sum of it's parts.

This just goes to show that the art of women's wrestling, when done properly, can be so erotic that anything explicit is often superfluous. Lest I be misunderstood, I like the more risque` action too. No question about it. Nevertheless, given the choice between a mediocre topless & erotic production or a straightforward wrestling production that keys into the essence of my fantasies, I would choose the latter. On the other hand, who the hell do I think I'm kidding? I'll take them BOTH!

Still, with good wrestling moves, well conceived scripts and women like Keri, Vanessa Harding, Jessle and many more, sleeperkidsworld.com is definitely worth keeping your eyes out for. I suspect the best is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Another great victim. Keri is one of my favorites, especially by the standards of SKW, which are, well, inclusive. Looks especially good when put to sleep. Hot women are extra hot sleeping. For one thing, they're not talking.

Does anyone know if Keri does competitive?

Here's a free group with 3 separate photo sets showing Kerry being completely dominated:


They are narrated by the winner, who actually seems to feel sorry for our happless blonde.

Speaking of SK and his more attractive ladies, are you familiar with Jenelle Sinclair? She is a minor pro, and with the looks invariably plays the victim role. Someone out there knows what their public likes.

Brian Quinn said...

Keri no longer does competitive wrestling and is concentrating on other forms of fighting that do not involve a camera. She is however continuing to do fantasy wrestling at Super Action Fight Productions, her exclusive home for wrestling.

Kelli should thank her pathetic stars that she does not face the Keri of today. Keri was also not dominated in those matches. That is the bs side of the story. Kelli injured Keri's shoulder during that match by putting her full weight down on her while in a pinning position. Kelli and her master/boyfriend have an awful rep, and should be glad they do not face seasoned pros and continue to fight hapless newbies.

Anonymous said...

Brian, was it one match or 3, as Kelli's site says?

If Keri has done competitive matches before, where are they available?

Brian Quinn said...

honestly, I could not care less how many or whatever. being in the business I know how things work and especially know who is honest about what they post. Keri is a very straight up person and has never run from a challenge. Just don't get too caught up on stuff posted on Kelli's groups.

Regarding Keri's comp stuff she has done alot at WBI and even some at her own company (now defunct) Custom Requests. I believe there was also some other catfight stuff over at Catfight Haven. some other places I am forgetting.

Her only current video work is being done at Super Action Fight Productions.

For those SKW fans, Jackson & Devon are headed up to shoot with Keri end of September. So make sure you get those customs in fast!



Anonymous said...

I saw those picturea as well. Keri was beaten by Kelli multiple times. She actaully is a great wrestler, but Kelli is rather strong and often really beat Keri's body up. I wouldn't be suprised if that had something to do with he retirement from competitive wrestling. Keri was really beaten up in some of those matches. By the end, Keri was so badly battered that she often needed help leaving the fight. I think that it got to the poiny that Keri's body was just too beat up to continue.

Brian Quinn said...

So what you are saying is "Keri got beat up?" lol

Keri retired 3 years after doing those "matches" with Kelli. so yeah, that must have been it. Nothing to do with her now getting ready for an mma career or anything like that.

Fred Moore said...

The match you have shown in your collage was a match with Jackson at Sleeper Kids World. They were doing a training session with Keri teaching Jackson. After the match Keri said some negative things about Jackson's ability and Jackson overheard the comments. She proceeded to sneak up on Keri and do a beat down on her and knocked her out multiple times. Keri still appears on SKW pretty often, and there are lots of past matches she has done there.