Monday, August 20, 2007

Lisa Marie

Pro wrestling performer Lisa Marie
One of my all-time favorite performers is Lisa-Marie. We're talking love at first site here. BAM! and it was history.
Her picture was in a Double Trouble Productions mailing. There she was, this tall, statuesque, powerful looking woman. Holy schwing! Standing at 5'10" with what I consider to be close to the perfect body, I was smitten.

I simply could not wait and rushed to the friendly neighborhood wrestling fetish tape store. New York City actually has one of those; an off Broadway location called "Kinematics" that somehow survived Mayor Rudy G's broom. I got my hands on dt-219 and I've been a fan ever since.
As with Hollywood and Tanya Danielle, Lisa Marie has a special quality that my mind and body are hard-wired to react to. A synergy created between my mindset and many different things about her.
It would be safe to say that Lisa Marie is one of those women who totally embody my wrestling and superheroine fantasies. She's got the height. To me, there's a huge difference between 5' 8" and 5' 10" & above. I love 5' 8", don't get me wrong, but the really tall ones can drive me wild.

Adding to her height are her hips. I love them. Can't explain why, but I do. Same for her thighs. No idea why these kinds of thighs do it for me, but they really, really do. Her shoulders are beautifully broad. Her waist curves down nicely into her hips. Combined with large & beautiful breasts, she strikes a very powerful and heroic image. One of the things that come to mind is how Sybil Danning looked in the posters for "Warrior Queen."

Lisa Marie had several memorable moments working with DT Productions. One that comes to mind is DT-221, a 2 out of 3 fall tag-team that had Lisa Marie teaming up with Robin from Les Femmes Fatales against Mia Walters and Bobbi Brandt. Before getting into that, a brief digression is needed in order to try and illustrate the point made earlier about that something "extra." Bobbi Brandt is hot. She's beautiful, sexy and a good actress. She's also 5' 10" and I'm crazy about her, but it is still not the same as with Lisa Marie. Just an aside. Getting back to the match, it really progressed the way I like. Lisa Marie was so dominant and powerful. At one point during the second fall, she DESTROYED Mia and pinned her after knocking her out spread eagle on the mat. The way Lisa Marie stood over Mia's defeated body is just incredible. So powerful. So sexy. She had this look on her face like she really got off on beating Mia like that, and her body language backed that up big time. By the end of the third fall it was Lisa Marie being destroyed and ultimately knocked out by being kicked in the jaw by one of Bobbi's really long legs. The big, powerful, dominant and sexy Lisa Marie out like a light! (schwing!)

DT-232 is another Lisa-Marie gem. She gets pounded by sexy intruder Franchesca Le in this apartment style match and is ultimately KO'd and laid out on a table top.

In DT-231, Lisa Marie and Bobbi mixed it up in a one fall ring match. Both women got to give and take serious punishment. There was a segment lasting several minutes where it was all Bobbi, and Lisa Marie simply excelled at selling the losing end. One day, when I have the time, I am going to re-edit this tape and have Bobbi come out on top.

DT-404 was a custom match that I commissioned featuring Lisa Marie against Lisa Comshaw in a multi fall affair. For those who follow this blog, it is probably not too hard to figure out how the action went. Lisa Marie took the first two falls in a very, very convincing fashion. The tables get turned and she gets pounded on for several falls, before coming back and winning another one. The tables turn yet again and Lisa Marie suffers a tremendous upset. On the downside, I did not particularly care for Lisa Marie's bikini, footwear and hair that day, and as silly as it may sound, it took away from my enjoyment of an otherwise phenomenal match. On the upside, this match was shot one day before MasterGirl was shot, something that made the MG shoot all the better. Also, Lisa Comshaw, AKA Tori Sinclair, was simply sensational in this match. Even her bikini was perfect.

Hot, sexy wrestler Lisa Marie
DT-413 had Lisa Marie and Bobbi going up against each other yet again in a Superheroine ring match loosely inspired by Amazonia, a superheroine Lisa Marie played in an earlier video, ironically written by me. In this match, two superheroines fight to see who is more powerful. Bobbi's character gets pounded on until she took advantage of Amazonia's secret weakness- she gets weak when her breasts are caressed. This video had tremendous potential, but it only came out so-so. Where it not for Lisa Marie, I probably would not have been overly thrilled about it. For Starters, Bobbi had put on a LOT of weight. Maybe 20 pounds and it was sad to see her totally hot body in this condition. Secondly, whoever commissioned the tape enjoyed stockings and I am a 1000% bare legs man. Finally, once again, I was not crazy about Lisa Marie's bikini. By this I mean that it did not compliment her awesome figure like some of her other ones. Still, just the one scene where she gets weak is worth the entire video to me. Sadly, dt-413 seems to be the last video she ever did with Double Trouble Productions.

Speaking of Amazonia, I had the pleasure of writing the script for this one and kind of received a screen credit for the first and only time. The thing is that they made the common mistake of writing "jonair" instead of "joniar." In any case, this is a Wonder Woman inspired video based loosely on the famous Fausta episode from the TV series. Amazonia is sprayed with a gas that disorients her, and then has her lasso used against her forcing her to reveal the source of her super powers, her belt. Here, however, it went one step further. While wrapped in the lasso of truth, she was forced to reveal that while losing her belt takes away her super powers, having her breasts fondled actually makes her weak. This was called "The Amazon Curse." Lisa Marie did a phenomenal job in an otherwise mediocre production. One major bummer is that at the time this video was filmed, about 9 years ago, people were still nervous about using an actual Wonder Woman costume on a video. Lisa Marie would have been simply stunning in a Wonder Woman costume.

Lisa Marie did some work for Robin at &, the highlight being the MasterGirl video discussed previously on this blog.

She also made several videos with California Supremes, including one against Shelly, The Burbank bomber. These are submission type matches that are not what I really look for in this genre, but each match has its classic moments. Many of her Cal Supreme matches were boxing and contained several classic moments. Given the opportunity, I would have scripted the boxing matches a little differently, but some of them presented some classic moments. The truth is that I haven't been able to figure out the extent to which the California Supreme videos are scripted and if anyone can fill me in on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

In one boxing match against Robin (AKA Susie Johnson), Lisa Marie suffered a bloody nose. That was real, and not really my cup of tea, or in this case, my plate of KIWI. On the other hand, Lisa Marie got knocked out late in the match and I had myself a classic moment! Another classic was during a match against Alyssa where Lisa Marie took a direct shot to the jaw and was knocked out.

Lisa Marie worked for a number of other companies doing primarily submission style wrestling.

The last I heard of her was when she was in LA at the time MasterGirl and DT-404 were shot. If memory serves me correctly, that would be somewhere around 1999-2000. She was there for a brief visit and returned to New Zealand. Since then I have no idea whatsoever about what's going on with her.

It's a real shame she didn't stick around longer. She is a true superstar and I would have loved to see her in many more videos. Nevertheless, her brief visits to Los Angeles have resulted in some of the greatest moments I have ever seen and to this day she never fails to excite me.

Any information about her recent activities will be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

A true godess!

She did a great submission wrestling match with Sally McNeil (pre-incarceration). If memory serves it was for Ken Star and topless. The host was really bowled over by her beauty, as I am. Lisa tried so valiantly but just couldn't do a thing. Lost 3 of 3 falls. The best part was a long camera shot of Lisa tending to her aching jaw after she just submitted to a headscissor. There were also pre-and post fight interviews. Before she seemed to be pretty intimidated, and after she had to admit to Sally's superiority. Awesome stuff. I like it so much better than DT and other fakery (no offense).

BTW what's the deal with WW vids, clips and stories? Copyright? On Diana's site they have lots of WW stories but also some that seem afraid to use the exact character. Internet's a strange place to find religion.

Jonnie R said...

I saw that video many years ago. It was shot for Women's World, or something like that. Dan, the owner, passed away towards the end of the 90's. The one time I spoke with Lisa Marie, I mentioned this match and she complained about Sally being on steroids.
I'm not sure what the deal is today with using copywrited characters. Years ago I had a section on The owner, Mike, was served with a cease and desist order from Warner and closed the site down. If I were to guess, it is probably not realistic to prosecute everyone on the net who dresses up like Wonder Woman or Supergirl, but on the other hand, you never know when they will pounce on you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. L-M should consider herself lucky she didn't feel the full brunt of Sally's steroid use, in the way that Sally's husband eventually did.

Did you see the unscripted match between Sally and Charlie the Golden Katt? All Sally, and midstream Katt walked off the set with the parting line to the camera, you guys have enough to jack off. Called a spade a spade, at least.

Anonymous said...

I can only leave a comment on one or two things.....confused...I wanted to post about Francesca....and how I miss that girl...

Lisa Marie, thanks for all your postings...came across this recently..
Bobbi Brandt

Anonymous said...

I loved L-M....She was a great talent. It's a true shame she is no longer on the map. Lisa Marie...if you are out there...come back..we miss you greatly.