Monday, February 11, 2008

Background Information

I have received numerous emails asking me about my connection to the genres of Women's wrestling and superheroines in peril fantasies so I thought I'd go into this a little bit.
First and formost, I am a fan. I have never been active in the commercial end of this business , and my contributions over the years have been strictly creative.
I haven't made any money doing any of this. Quite the opposite in fact. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on this hobby of mine. That's enough money to support a divorce lawyer for about 20 minutes :-) (I know whereof I speak)
Typically, I simply trade content for content.
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting several wrestlers & performers, as well as building a few websites. Check out the following chronology for more details.
  • 1987- NYC video convention- met Misty Blue Simmes, Candi Devine and Kat Laroux.
  • 1989- (approx) Went to see a live POWW show at Madison Square Garden, got inivited to a party afterwards, met Tina/Nina/Ivory, Sunny, Palestina, Queen Kong, Hot Rod Andy, Shasha, Amy the Farmer's daughter, Liberty, David McClain, and a few more whose names escape me.
  • 1992- first custom video- Super Shelly. Met Shelly, Sandy & Mia
  • 1994- second custom- Mia Vs. Shelly. Met Shelly, Mia and Jasae. Got to direct.
  • 1995- Met Sgirl911 online. This person, who hopefully was really a woman, inspired me to write all my stories. I would send them to her and she would return them to me with the most incredibly erotic comments within the body of the story. I could not get enough of her.
  • 1995-1996- wrote all my Supergirl stories
  • 1996- joined the ranks of the now-defunct where I featured my stories and many photomanipulations.
  • 1997- (approx) Made contact with Lisa Marie in New Zealand and commissioned my third custom video, Amazonia.
  • 1998- (Approx) forced to shut down at the "request" of DC comics (AKA Mega billion corporation Time/Warner)
  • 1998- created my own website featuring my stories and ever growing collection of photomanipulations.
  • 1999- began featuring other artists on my website
  • 2000- Someone planning to do a custom match requested that I write the script. The resulting video is called Mastergirl featuring Lisa Marie and Lisa Comshaw in an erotic duel.
  • 2000- Commisioned my fourth (and sadly last) custom video featuring Lisa Marie & Lisa Comshaw.
  • 2001 (approx) Rebuilt MWO films website and became their webmaster. I did this because of my fascination with Candace, their star performer.
  • 2002- Began writing scripts for several online companies.
  • 2004- (Approx) Rebuilt Sabre Studios website.
  • 2005- Met Vanessa Harding at Dragon Con in Atlanta.
  • 2006- Met Christine Dupree, Charlee Chase, Raquel (aka Caliente from WOW), Lisa (aka Onyx from WOW), Hollywood, Cheryl Rusa, Rachel Love & STJ.
  • 2006- Started blog in late November
  • 2007- First full year of Blog and going strong.

In 2007, this blog had 30,497 Visits.
21,672 Absolute Unique Visitors.
There were visits from:
Every country in North & South America except Guyana.
Every country in Europe
Every country in the Middle East & Persian Gulf except Yemen
Every country in Asia except Mongolia, Bangaladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afganistan, and North Korea

The top 10 keywords were:

1. elle cee
2. sabrestudios
3. magnificent mimi
4. misty blue simmes
5. hawkheroines
6. cori nadine
7. tanya danielle
8. vanessa harding
9. heather tristany
10. tanya danielle superheroine

The number 1 keyword, Elle Cee (Aka Vanessa Harding & Leslie Culton) generated almost 3 times as much traffic and number 2, Sabre Studios.

For 2008, Frankie Zappitelli is generating quite a bit of traffic.

Videos I have scripted:
  • Super Shelly
  • Mia Vs Shelly
  • Amazonia - Lisa Marie
  • Mastergirl - Lisa Marie
  • Lisa Marie Vs. Lisa Comshaw
  • The golden Avenger - Susie Johnson
  • Super Lexi - Susie Johnson
  • Wonder Womyn vs the Alien (mixed)
  • Wonder Womyn vs. The Evil Swordsman (mixed)
  • Wonder Womyn vs. Fausta (Tanya Danielle)
  • Wonder Womyn vs. the Evil Christine (Dupree)
  • Four woman tag team, Tanya Danielle, Coral Sands, Hurricane Havana, Cheryl Rusa
  • Super Tanya- Hollywood & Tanya Danielle
  • Wonder Womyn vs. Pantera 2 (mixed)
  • Wonder Womyn vs. the sleeper 2,3,& 4 (I think. I actually only helped on these)
  • Wonder Womyn vs the Science Pyscho (I helped on this too)
  • Superheroines Collide- Hollywood vs Stacey
  • Wonder Womyn vs the Red Dawn Syndicate
  • Voodo Dolls- Tanya Daniele & Stacy Burke
  • Super Robin- Susie Johnson (AKA Robin) vs. Kristiana
  • Christine Dupree Vs. Charlee Chase
    I'm sure I have forgotten a few more that I was involved in.

All the above not withstanding, I STILL have not written the ultimate story line for a video, but I will keep trying for as long as I am able too.

I did manage to come close to the ultimate storyline in a few of the stories I have written, namely Auriana, Two Times Too Tough, The Squared Circle and Zahava.

As for wrestling stories, I think I pretty much nailed my fantasy as it was in 1993 in the trilogy I wrote. As fans of this blog can surely figure out, I took one wrestler, built her up to HUGE proportions only to have her suffer a major upset later on. Sound familiar?

The collage above consists of random pictures that I like. Hopefully you will like them too.


redmanx said...

Here in Jolly Olde, we would class you as someone who has "seen it, done it and got the t shirt!" lol! Joniar, I think your connection with the world of fighting fantasy means you are far more than "just a fan!" Some of the vids & stories you have written/scripted have set the standards in the genre, and you deserve your place in Fem fight folklore! Your cv reads like a history of the last decade or so of Women In Combat!
Mind you, Im bloody envious of your meeting some of the biggest names in the biz, including of course, my special favourites, Onyx and Raquel!

Jonnie R said...

As always, you are WAY too kind to me, but I appreciate it nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with taking credit for my vids Jon? I wrote all 4 Sleeper vids with no assistance. We worked together on the Science Psycho, but thats it?

Jonnie R said...

I'm not taking credit for any of your vids. Unlike all the others, I indicated that all I did was help out on those vids. I was asked by the producer to help her out in each of thise videos.
I don't see what the big deal is, but hey, if you want me to take them off the list just let me know. It doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

Dear Johnair

First, let me compliment you on your Femfight blog; at last a female wrestling fan after my own heart. There is nothing in your writings that I disagree with. I share pretty much your exact taste in female fighters – the way they stand with hands on hips, the bikinis they wear, the thinking that the fight doesn't have to go as far as toplessness as long as its a good fight. And, also, I like to see the wrestler I find most desirable take a beating.

I too just loved that gold bikini that Hollywood wore during her awful beat up and I agree entirely with your views on multi fall matches. While on that particular subject, I wish someone would produce fights with 6 x 5 minute rounds with 2 pins or 2 subs to decide the winner. That way a fighter can suffer a submission (which ends the round) and be so hurt that her second has to help her back to her corner where she would be toweled off, massaged etc. Then, having got her breath back, she can turn the tables on the girl that has been beating her up.

This lends itself to a range of scenarios such as being saved by the bell when a fighter is being counted out or in a hold like a boston which she cant escape. Right on the verge of her submission the bell can save her.

Until I found your blog I had never heard of Frankie Zappitelli – WOW – what a woman!! So far I have only seen the pictures of her on you're blog but, to me, she is just about the perfect image of how I want a female wrestler to look – sexy, strong and looking like she really means business. And that little bikini too! On bikinis, we have the same thoughts about a wrestler almost bursting out of her bikini being a sign of strength. It is almost saying I'm so strong this bikini cant hold me.

I must say that I like the way you write. Its a little understated and without crudity. Crudity certainly has a place in wrestling fiction stories but not in the main body of the blog in my opinion. I too like to write wrestling fantasy and can get quite excited while typing it. However, when I come to read my writings the next day they're no longer such a turn on because I know what/s coming. Finding your blog has been a delight for me and a great turn on reading it (haven't finished it all yet) because it seems almost tailored to my tastes in female fighting right down to the cut of a bikini and the stance of a girl in a photo. Amazing.

Please do keep up the good work.


John Libby

Graeme said...

Hey Jonnie,

I am a big fan of MWO films and since you were their webmaster at one time I figured you would be the person to talk to.

Since they closed down shop their videos have been incredibly difficult to find and I was wondering if perhaps you knew where to find them or maybe contact info for Candace?