Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Favorite Wonder Women- Hollywood

GLOW superstar Hollywood as Wonder Womyn at

It is no secret that I am a very big fan of Gorgeous Women Of Wrestling (GLOW) superstar, and woman wrestler extraordinaire, Hollywood.

Years ago, someone commissioned a custom match with her where she played the character of Wonder Woman. The resulting video was so popular that it gave birth to her long-running Wonder Womyn series available at Up until that time, there weren't many super hot women appearing in videos as WW, certainly not as a WW-in-peril.

When I first found out that Hollywood had done the first WW video, I couldn't believe it. I was living overseas at the time, but that didn't stop me from ordering that video within 10 minutes. Yes, I was that excited!

It is probably safe to say that Hollywood is the longest running WW actress. If she hasn't already, it is only a matter of time before she appears in more WW episodes than Lynda Carter. She certainly has been playing the character longer.

Hollywood's WW has had a very rough going over the years.

She has been:

  • Chloroformed

  • Gassed

  • Powdered

  • Hit on the head

  • Knocked out

  • Tied up

  • Depowered

  • Batteled Aliens

  • Tied to an electric chair

  • Electrocuted

  • Wrapped in her own lasso

  • Beaten up by villain after villain

  • Had a gas mask placed on her face

  • Fought in a swimming pool

  • Faced an evil Swordsman

  • Faced a Nasty Nurse

  • Faced a Lecherous Lawyer

  • Faced a hitman

  • Faced a Science Psycho

  • Knocked out by sleeper holds

  • Tied up and wrapped in a sheet with a gas mask affixed to her face

She's gotten her ass kicked and has kicked ass.

Many of Hollywood's matches are customs and as such, a lot of WW videos cater to all different kinds of fantasies. There are mixed matches, lift & carry, chloform, electrocution etc...

As always, my specific preference is bare legs and Hollywood does both. Either way, she looks spectacular.

I remember writing to her after receiving my first (her first) WW vid and telling her that besides looking sexy in the WW costume, she simply looked gorgeous. This was years ago, and as you all might know, she keeps getting more beautiful every day.

She goes out of her way to deliver what the client asks for, and puts a lot of effort into each video.

There are reviews of some of her WW tapes over at Seakings Femfight site. Granted I wrote most of them, but they provide more information on some of the matches.

My personal favorite is WW vs. Fausta, a tribute to the most popular Lynda Carter episode that was discussed in an earlier article on this blog. Hollywood's version will be the topic of a future article on this blog.

Check out for all of Hollywood's videos and for downloads.


redmanx said...

Hollywoods WW has certainly taken her share of beatings since that first video, but as you say Joniar, Hollywood gives her fans what they want to see! I have bought a few WW vids, my favourite being WW v Pantera (i&2) We've discussed before about "selling a beating" and in Pantera, Hollywood gives an amazing performance as an over matched, overwhelmed, helplessly over powered superheroine, mixing her fantastic fighting skills with commendable dramatic ability as WW is utterly destroyed! I think its the most awesome WW vid/dvd Hollywood has made,packed with fantastic, erotic fight action, humiliation and abuse; just as these uppitty Superheroines deserve! lol! Hollywood knows what we like!

Jonnie R said...

I am not usually a fan of mixed matches, but I have to agree with you regarding Pantera 2. I don't know the guy's name, but he was really, really good. Hollywood certainly rose to the occasion. Her always performs well, but it seems like the better the opponent, the better the performance.
I would guess that a well-scripted match between Hollywood and Onyx or Raquel would result in some very excellent performances given the training and experiences they all had while on Television.