Thursday, February 14, 2008

Favorite Matches- DT219

Shelly vs Mia in Double Trouble Productions DT219When Double Trouble Productions introduced the concept of the multi-fall matches, it totally blew me away. Talk about thinking outside the box! In retrospect, it was so obvious, but honestly, the thought never occured to me.

The multi fall match is my favorite type of wrestling match because you usually get to see each woman lose and each woman win. Besides, I love pin falls.

I like the 2 out of 3 fall matches, but love the 5 out of 7, 7 out of 9, 9 out of 11 etc...
Some people just like the 2 out of 3 fall matches because they feel that more is unrealistic.
For me, realism has never been an issue here.

I also like a version of the multi fall match called the Texas Death Match where the match keeps going after pin falls until one wrestler can simply not continue. DT 219, Shelly Vs. Mia, is that type of match.

This is the second of four custom matches I commissioned since 1992. This match was planned around the time I would be in LA on business so I was present at the shoot. DT owners Gina and Mark very very gracious and even let me direct the video.

I won't lie. It was exciting, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Steven Spielberg has anything to worry about. I was so nervous and it all went by so quickly. The video came out really well, but I wasn't able to have a REAL impact on the action. Actually, that's not true, but what I'm trying to say it that I was not at all prepared to be in this situation and therefore didn't bring all that I could into the action.

The interesting thing about custom matches, as least for me, is that I am inevitably disappointed with the results at a first glance. The first time I watch it, I am comparing it to what I had in my head when I scripted it. Given the nature of the production (1-3 hours at most) and the obvious limitatations of someone who is not a professional script writer, it is not really possible to convert the dream into the reality. At least not for me.

Nevertheless, after watching the video several times, I always find that while it is not exactly what I had in mind, it is still way closer to what I like than most videos out there. This is what happened with each of the 4 customs I have commissioned over the years.

Now that I think about it, this is also true for most videos I have had over the years. I read the description and imagine one thing in my mind. When the video arrives, it is somewhat different from what I thought, but after watching it a few times, I usually wind up liking it very much.

So all of the above not withstanding, I really, really like this match.

For faithful readers of this blog, there is surely no reason at all to even describe the action. It's very, very obvious what I had in mind.

For the rest of you, however, here's the deal:

Shelly, the legendary Burbank Bomber, is wearing a very tiny red bikini with white knee socks and wrestling boots. She is literally bursting out of her outfit, something that conveys a sense of power to me.

The match starts out with Shelly in complete control. She overwhelms the smaller Mia. Her outfit emphasizes their difference in size and build even further. Mia is not able to generate any sort of offense against the very powerful and very experienced Shelly. Shelly has no doubt that this match is going to go very well for her. Until...

Mia surprises Shelly with a move she has never seen before. She grabs her around the neck and falls backwards, taking Shelly with her. Shelly is totally unprepared for a move like this and is very stunned.

Mia goes on the offense and winds up pinning the stunned Shelly for the first fall!

The Burbank Bomber goes on to dominate the next fall until Mia, once again, is able to pull "the move" on Shelly who is stunned once again. Mia does some ass kicking, and the mighty Shelly is pinned yet again! I cannot remember the last time Shelly lost two pin falls in a row.

Armed with rage and indignation, Shelly starts the next fall with energy and determination, but Mia manages to thwart all her attempts at gaining control. Shelly out of frustration delivers a low blow that sends Mia to the mat in pain. Still, Shelly is not able to do any damage to her.

Mia pulls of "the move" once again and Shelly is stunned! Mia lifts her to her feet and applies "the move" once again. The powerful confident Shelly is in SERIOUS trouble!

Mia goes nuts and starts pummuling Shelly from pillar to post. She pins her again, for the third time in a row.

This match is not going well for the stunned Shelly who has never been in such a situation before.

it is all downhill from there. Mia kickes the shit out of Shelly for fall after fall until it appears that Shelly will not be able to proceed any further.

Face down on the mat and seconds away from losing the match, Mia lifts the now destroyed Shelly to her feet for one last round of pounding.

This is a very dangerous move on the part of Mia. She has Shelly soundly defeated, a feat very few women have accomplished over the years and never to this extent. Saving her from being counted out can be catastrophic. After all, Mia accomplished what was thought to be impossible. She demolished the powerful experienced veteran. Why does she need to push her luck?

We would soon find out the result of the cocky Mia's arrogant gamble.

The bell for the next round rings and...

Mia kicks the living shit out of Shelly once again. She pounds on her and tosses her around the ring as if she were an amatur. Shelly is totally destroyed and on her back, seemingly helpless.

But this isn't enough for Mia. Gambling and pressing her luck even further, she climbs up to the third rope and looks down at Shelly's prone body on the mat.
She leaps high into the air. A very risky manuever. If something goes wrong it can seriously alter the outcome of this match. What is Mia trying to prove?

She goes flying and comes crashing down landing...right on top of the helpless powerhouse. The gamble paid off and the might Shelly is finished! Demolished, totally wiped out. The rest is a mere formallity. She is DONE!

Mia winds up pinning the veteran former champion. She's totally out and does not make the count for the next fall. Jasae, the hot looking referee, lifts Mia's arm in the air and declares her to be the winner.
Shelly is out on her back, the victim of the most terrible ass kicking she ever received in her life.
By all standards this is a major upset. Even though Mia herself is a former champion and a very skilled wrestler, this HAS to be considered one of the greatest upsets the sport has ever known!

DT219, Shelly Vs. Mia is available at


redmanx said...

I had no idea that was "one of yours" Joniar! DT have been one of my favourite producers from day one, I love the use of a ring, the ropes, the turn buckles where one woman can torture another! I must admit that Shelley has never been a big favourie of mine as I always preferred Belinda Belle, although I loved the sadly too few times Shelley beat Beinda, lol! Shelley never had the vulnerability of Belinda, Eve Ellis, Fran Le, Hollywood and others like them. Like Sandy, who has taken over her role at DT, Shelley was big, strong and mean, and one hell of a wrestler, but never made me fear for her health, lol! But Shelley was another who could sell a beating, even the improbable ones such as those handed out by smaller fighters, like Belinda and Mia. Unfortunately, I think, and its not a criticism, just an opinion, too many of DTs newer wrestlers, though undeniably gorgeous are small in stature, and matches between a good big 'un and a good little 'un are all too few. I had hoped Frankie Z might join Sandy as a DT heel, but this doesn't look like it will happen, although she did appear as an evil villainess in a clash where she destroyed Tylene Bucks Super Heroine!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a change of pace for usually moribund Mia. Speaking of DT, one of their better efforts was called something like Corporate Espionage. Tough, determined Terri comes in to help her friend who is being destroyed by a spy, and dominates for a bit, but after a punch to the face Terri winds up getting destroyed herself. A level of violence she hadn't anticipated. (I had no interest in the last part, in which the friends gang up on the spy.) This theme of failed rescue is my favorite subgenre within heroine-superheroine material. GW has alot of it on Diana's page. If you're also interested in the failed rescue fantasy, please discuss at some point.

Anonymous said...

DT has a multifall with Mia vs the classic Julie Winchester. There are quite a few falls and they range anywhere from simple pins to topless submissions where the victim is bawling and begging to be let out of a nasty hold. There are also quite a few sleeper holds in this one, which has always been a persinal fave of mine.