Sunday, September 16, 2007

Super Robin

Super Robin

One of my fantasy quests is to find the perfect Supergirl kryptonite scene. What defines the "perfect kryptonite scene?" I'm not entirely sure but as the old saying goes, "I'll know it when I see it." Actually, I'm pretty sure I do know the definition of an almost perfect kryptonite scene, but the magic is often in the tiniest of details, and those are really difficult to pin down for most people, myself included.
To those who are not bitten by the fetish bug, it is quite simple. You take a girl in a Supergirl costume, pull out something green and she passes out. To those who are into the fetish, that's about as accurate as saying all you have to do is put on a Wonder Woman costume and wrestle. There's a lot to it.
The foundation of every kryptonite scene, in my opinion, should go something like this:

A overconfident yet extremely powerful Supergirl is lured within range of kryptonite. She does not see it, but she definitely feels it the moment she crosses a certain threshold. She stops dead in her tracks and is stunned by a sudden wave of weakness that overcomes her. She continues to weaken as her mind begins to comprehend the situation she suddenly finds herself in. Her mind tells her to escape. To take a few steps back and get out of range. Her legs are eager to respond to the mind's command, but they become wobbly and unstable. She's able to take a step or two, but is stopped by her adversary who moves her closer while taunting her. She must think clearly. She must find the way out of this, but her mind is in a foggy haze, and she is unable to put her thoughts together in a coherent manner. She brings her hand up to steady her head. Her arms are weak and heavy. Her shoulders slump forward. Her breath becomes labored. Her legs become weaker and weaker until they can no longer hold her up. She falls to her back and is now helpless. The effects of the kryptonite increase exponentially. Her mind and body fail her, but her spirit is strong. She wants to fight it off. She struggles....

From this point there are many different ways to take this, depending on an individuals different interests and fantasies. Many people may share the beginning, but where it goes from there varies tremendously.

Oh, I forgot to mention, actually doing the scene with a high quality Supergirl costume seriously enhances any scene, and this, of course, makes the perfect scene even harder to find.

An example of a very good kryptonite scene can be found in the video Super Robin where Robin plays a Supergirl-inspired character who is confronted by a kryptonite-toting villain played by upcoming star Kristiana.
Super Robin is extremely powerful and confident in her powers and abilities. She confronts Kristiana and defeats her with ease. At this point she begins walking towards the other side of the room expecting to find something (I can't recall what, and honestly, it doesn't REALLY matter, does it?). She suddenly stops dead in her tracks. As the scene progresses, she finds herself severely weakened by kryptonite, and now it is Kristiana's turn to dish out some serious punishment.
This is my kryptonite fantasy at it's most basic. As mentioned above, there are so many different directions that this can be taken, but this one stays narrowly focused and can even be considered PG rated. Still, to me it's erotic.
For those who are interested in very basic kryptonite scenes like this, I would recommend reading one of my Supergirl fiction stories entitled "Zahava." A link can be found on this blog on the right side of the page. This is the first story I ever wrote (back in the early 90's)

I'm still waiting to see the perfect kryptonite trap,but until then, Super Robin remains as one of the better ones I've seen to date.
Enjoy the collages. Doesn't she look great?


Jumper Prime said...

I think has been jacked by some adult search engine site with no clue about the video Super Robin(typing it into the search box at the top of the site yields nothing) Any clue where I can get my hands on Super Robin?

Jonnie R said...

My mistake. It is and not .com.