Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Unique Upset

If you like seeing women wrestlers go from this...

... to THIS...

boy oh boy have you come to the right place!!!

This is "Unique Leigh." I've never seen her wrestle and have no idea how these matches actually turned out, but there is something about her that I like.
She is primarily a competitive submission wrestler and I'm not really into that. She's obviously done some scripted stuff, but not much that I'm aware of.

She's got the attitude thing going, and that turns me on. Kind of in a Magnificent Mimi-esque sort of way. She poses confidently with the belts, boasts about how great a wrestler she is etc...
Imagine how thrilled I was to see the pictures of her totally getting her ass kicked. We're talking demolished, destroyed, conquered and tamed.

I liked this stuff so much that I created a fantasy power point slide show about a fictitious account of how this match turned out. Combining pictures with written color commentary, I go on and on about how shocking and unbelievable this it. As I said about, if you like seeing women wrestlers going from unbeatable to demolished, you are in the right place.

To download the power point slide show, right-click your mouse on the link, save target as... and then enjoy the show. Download "A Major Upset"

Comment & suggestions are welcome. Also, if you are aware of other "massive upsets," I would love to hear about them.


Anonymous said...

UL=the most hated woman in FF, but hot nonetheless. STJ certainly knows where to point the camera. In your captions you kept repeating that she’s “in trouble.” That mantra has constantly run through my FF musings ever since I picked it up from broadcasts of the old WWWF in the 1970’s.

I also like the upset theme, but it’s pretty common in the vid biz. Just off the top of my head, there was at least one by DT with Moribund Mia, playing champ, slowly demolished and demoralized by a stronger upstart, maybe Francesca. Also, SK had Belinda Belle defeat the much stronger, more experienced Spice Williams.

The best I’ve seen of this type is a competitive VSL match in which the exquisite Lisa Marie (q.v.) dominates FBB Afrika. L-M seems to surprise even herself. From their site:

“The Black Beauty is a formidible body builder with the right attitude and plenty of experience. Lisa Marie is a tall centerfold from New Zealand--soft spoken and sweet.
What kind of a match is that? Maybe the roughest surprise since Holyfield took out Tyson--except these women are wrestling. Or brawling. It's a thin line.”

My favorite part was the opening interview. A Cocky Afrika said she liked her daughter to watch so she could see her mom being aggressive or competitive or something. Well now her daughter saw her humiliated instead!

petejorg said...

I would love to see your download about "A Unique Upset", it sounds great!

Unfortunately I think the link is broken. Would you be willing to repost it?