Monday, October 01, 2007

An ode to the formative years & "is it art?"

As with the Wonder Woman comic cover previously discussed on this blog, this picture is among my earliest inspirations. It came as part of a photoset I ordered from Triumph studios back in 1983 or 1984. Many of you may recognize her as being the great Pamela Ward from Triumph Studios & Golden Girls fame. She may have even been a performer at the Hollywood Tropicana back in the good old wrestling days, but I am not certain about that.

Having never seen a women's wrestling video or movie up until that point (except "All The Marbles") pictures like this would serve as inspiration for many of the fantasies I developed in my head at the time. In this picture, Pamela is a 100% example of what turns me on in some of these fantasies. Everything works. The way her hands rest on her waist. The look on her face. The pose. The suit is a perfect cut. Everything just works making this a wonderful springboard for a very active imagination. The same is true for the picture below. It's nearly perfect.

As fate would have it, these, along with another 2-3 pictures worked so well that when I finally had a chance to see an actual video of her wrestling, it was almost a letdown. This isn't aimed at her specifically. This has happened with some other wrestling performers as well. I like Pamela and have enjoyed watching several videos with her. It's a real shame that she didn't get involved with DT wrestling. I'm sure she would have been a serious star with them.

Speaking of an active imagination, the collage above is something I made while fooling around with photoshop. I like the cut of the suit in this picture and wanted to see what it would like in a variety of combinations that I find exciting. I like how this turned out. I do these kinds of things quite often and I suppose I can call it "my art."
I started doing photomanipulations back in 1996. Over the years, or more accurately, between 1996 and 1999, I did over 400 of them. At first, they were posted on the old site. now they are on the

Coming soon....The rise and fall of one of's mightiest heroines.


Anonymous said...

One of the all-time great victims. I used to love the stories in one of those catfight mags with Pam, "like a proud lioness," eventually succumbing to her brunette arch-rival Connie Sanchez.

Jonnie R said...

I totally agree with you. One of the pictures I refer to in the blog (I couldn't find it, unfortunately) is of Connie on Pam's back holding her defeated head up by her hair.

akamissrubytuesday said...

As the "Red Snapper" - I used to love to wrestle with Pam... We wrestled for many years @ the Hollywood Tropicana- she was a total sweetheart... I miss the days of wrestling- but thanks to youtube I can re-live those memories. ;-D Would love to re-connect with Pam- if anyone sees this- please show her this & have her get in contact with me- "Miss Ruby Tuesday" I can be found on youtube , myspace & twitter.