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Favorite Matches- DT240

Favorite Matches- DT240

It’s not easy to REALLY key in to all the elements of this fantasy, at least not for me. It’s not that I’m overly picky or anything like that. It’s just that I like what I like and am turned on by what turns me on. I didn’t pick this fetish; It picked me.

The second match on Double Trouble Productions DT-240 turns me on.

This is a Wrestling/Boxing match between Tina Antman and the awesome Christine Dupree.

It’s one of those rare matches where by chance many of the elements go my way. In this case it’s the plot, the performers and the outfits. Yeah, I hate to nit pick, but these things can make a difference.

For example, I have written about DT-193 in the past and have mentioned how much I liked it. Nevertheless, I would have liked it more if Alexis had been wearing a different bathing suit. Same goes for Belinda Belle. There are many of her matches where I simply don’t like the suit she’s wearing. That wouldn’t normally stop me from enjoying the match, but it often does spell the difference between really good and amazing. It could be the cut, pattern, design, anything.

I saw a fabulous tag team match from Jeanne Basone’s Hollywould Productions where Coral Sands was wearing a fabulous pink bikini but had dark footware. I can’t help that I like white footware, I just do. I still think the video is great, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think about how much hotter it would be for me were she only wearing white sneakers and socks. There are some Christine videos where she wears black shoes with no socks. I adore Christine, but it makes a difference to me.

In this video, I don’t particularly like the way Tina was dressed, but Christine’s get up was a huge turn on for me. For one, she was wearing white pro-style boots. I love those.
In the early part of the match, she was wearing a tight cropped T and a great pair of star spangled shorts. She looked m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s.

Later on, she stripped down to an absolutely perfect little red bikini. One look at the powerful & amazingly sexy Christine in this bikini/boots ensemble and I my heart was racing. I should add, as an aside, that she also wore her hair down, something that also makes a difference to me.

Then there was the plot. Christine played a very powerful & experienced boxer/wrestler and was training Tina. Christine’s arrogance and over confidence upset Tina and the training session quickly evolved into a full fledged match. At first, Christine was overwhelmingly powerful and completely dominated Tina. Because of what she was wearing and her slight height advantage, Christine really looked like someone who should be totally dominating.

The tables eventually turned and Tina was able to choke Christine into a terrible position. Tina pounded away at the amazing Dupree until she was slumped in the corner, totally out of it.

This was really good, but here’s where it became great.

Tina brought in the boxing gloves and the two women proceeded to box it out for the rest of the match. Christine was wiped out before Tina even put the gloves on her. What followed was a total one-sided annihilation of one of my favorite ladies.

Tina pounded the hell out of Christine. It wasn’t even close. It all led to a final corner scene where Christine is totally and completely destroyed. We’re talking about a major league pounding, and few women on this planet are as sexy and convincing as Christine is in this role.

The match ends with Christine Ko’d flat on her back, and Tina claiming her pro boots as spoils of war. Truly amazing!!!

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