Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vanessa Harding

Just take one look at Vanessa Harding and you could see why she hit me like thunder on a sunny day. If you've been following this blog then you KNOW that she slides right in to the "prototype" character. I dream about women like this. She's got the looks, the body, the attitude, and -being professionally trained- the skills! For me she's like Madussa Micelli, Misy Blue Simmes or Magnificent Mimi but with two major advantages. She's still active and she does custom videos! That means that there is still a chance that she will be in my ultimate women's wrestling fantasy scenario. I have the serious hots for this beautiful & sexy woman!

The first time I saw her was in a Lady Victoria wrestling video. She looked great, acted great, and even though she ended up winning both matches by a technicality (They were both the same plot, but I didn't mind), she took a tremendous pounding in both. it was great. A big, powerful looking (and sexy) woman being decimated by a piledriver. "Holy Schwing, Batman!" A dominant powerhouse being taken out by a sleeper hold. It's almost too much!
She has worked the pro circuit for several years and has had her eyes on the WWE and Japanese federations. She has worked her way into being the consummate professional who is able to take bumps as well as dish them out.

In the past few years, she has done custom work for Double Trouble, Sleeperkid and several other similar productions. I haven't seen any of those videos yet, but they are definitely near the top of my "must see" list.

One of the best developments for me recently is that she began wrestling for Sabre Studios. This is great because Sabre really puts in a lot of effort into making a top quality product. Also, I am their webmaster which means that sometimes I get to have some input into how the matches will unfold.

Her first match for Sabre Studios was released in the fall of 2006. I'm not sure what she thought coming into it, but she soon discovered that no matter how much of a big shot she was in other federations, things at Sabre are different. She went up against the formidable Diana Knight in an exciting back and forth ring battle that pushed both women to their limits. I can tell you that Vanessa emerged victorious in the end, and it is a testament to her strength and fortitude that she was able to come back from taking a serious, serious beating. In fact, for the first time ever in a pro ring, this powerful and dominant woman lost her top! Yes, for the first time in her career this present and future legend was pounded to the extent that she could not prevent her opponent from removing her top. Nevertheless, being the true pro that she is, she managed to come back and prevail in this hard fought battle. I for one cannot wait to see what her future at Sabre will bring. I certainly know what I want to see and I plan to make my feelings known. How about any of you? What would you like to see Vanessa do at Sabre Studios?

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