Friday, October 16, 2009

Sleeperkid' World

Once upon a time, a couple of Atlanta based college kids who called themselves Sleepergirl & Sleeperkid had a fan site that featured cool women's wrestling pictures from all across the web.

10 years later...

Sleepergirl seems to be gone, but that little fan site has grown into what is now known as Sleeperkid's World, one of the premier women's wrestling video producers on the market today.

Gorgeous Boxing woman
In a nut shell, Sleeperkid's world (SKW) caters to a market segment that likes women's pro wrestling fantasy matches, mostly in bikinis.

A born marketer, Sleeperkid produces first rate women's wrestling videos and provides a ton of free material as well. I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of pictures and video clips over the years. (Thanks SK)

It made me happy to discover that this has become a full time occupation for Sleeperkid.

Atlanta is known as one of the finest training grounds for professsional wrestlers and SK seems to have taken advantage of that by training as a professional wrestler. This sets him apart from most producers and makes his work so much better.

One of the many things I like about Sleeperkid's world is that they have certain concept matches that repeat themselves with different wrestlers.

One example is a series called "Far Beyond Driven."
In this series, a lady wrestler gets demolished by being piledriven over and over and over again.

Other examples are "Boxing (boxer's name)" and "Saphire & Brimstone."

The "Boxing (boxer's name)" series has the boxing woman victim being pounded into oblivion. The "Saphire & Brimstone" series features Sleeperkid's world superstar lady wrestler Saphire destroying one or more wrestlers. I recently picked up a "Saphire" episode where Christie Ricci and Amber O'Neil are both totally dominated and defeated. Wow! Christie Ricci totally dominated.

All of these concept matches are repeated time and again with a variety of different women wrestlers.

This is but a small example of the many different types of matches featured on the Sleeperkid's World website.

In addition to a regular cast of female wrestling performers, Sleeperkid's world has been drawing some of the finest lady wrestlers on the circuit today as guest performers.

Wrestlers such as Vanessa Harding, Frankie Zappitelli, Christie Ricci, Hollywood and many others have turned this site into one of my favorites of all time.

Vanessa Harding knocked out
Frankie Zappitelli knocked out

The thought of these top notch women wrestlers being demolished time and time again is almost too much for me to bear.
Christie Ricci dominated & dazed Wrestler Hollywood Sleeper hold knockout

Mind you, these ladies also win, but my particular fantasy is to see them lose.

Fans of this blog surely know by now that there is nothing that I like more than a seemingly invincible woman getting her pretty little ass kicked in stunning fashion. Frankie, Vanessa, Christie and others are prime examples of what I consider to be invincible wrestlers. They have the look, the attitude and the skills.

vanessa harding knockout

While mixed matches are usually not my cup of tea (or THC), the destruction SK puts these seemingly indestructable lady wrestlers through has "forced" me to become a fan of SK's battles as well.

To his credit, SK puts on good performances that keep the women wrestlers as the primary focus.
Would I prefer to see Vanessa Harding piledriven to oblivion by Christie Ricci? Certainly, but given the option of having SK do the deed versus no one else doing the deed, I will pick SK everytime.

Sleeperkid has developed some home-grown talent such as Angelina, Jackson and a surprising number of others. Jackson, for example, is a dancer with great acrobatic skills & flexibility who has learned many wrestling moves and consistently delivers great performances.

Women wrestler Jackson Fox knocked out
Sleeperkid's world woman wrestler Angelina sleeperhold knockout
He once had a great wrestler named Jessle, and while I did not care for all the tatoos and funky hair, I really liked her a lot. SK developed her as a super heel, building her up to almost epic proportions before having suffer a string of stunning defeats. I loved that!

Back in the old days, before Internet, I always wished that I could script a women's wrestling match with all the pro moves that I like featuring gorgeous woman and having the kind of ending I like. Actually, forget scripting. I always wished I could *see* that kind of match anywhere.

The old WWF never had what I wanted with the exception of one match between Sensational Sherry and Rockin Robin.

The AWA had a couple of good ones as did the LPWA & POWW, but not exactly what I wanted.

Two notable exceptions were LPWA matches where two majorly invincible ladies, Misty Blue Simmes & Magnificent Mimi suffered serious damage on the way to being pinned. (Both of these matches have been featured in older articles on this blog.) As far as I know, these were pretty much the only times either woman had ever been detroyed and pinned.

There were the various topless producers out of Los Angeles, but they did not have the moves nor the type of scripting that I like early on.

At first it was very disappointing, but Double Trouble Productions eventually began releasing material that catered more to what I like, specifically the multi pinfall matches. In most cases, one was guaranteed to see both women get pinned and if I was lucky, many times over.
While I was fine with that, there were certain moves that they just could not do.

SKW came in and filled the void, and while he does not produce topless material, the action more than makes up for it. His videos feature moves likes piledrivers, widow's peaks, Suplexes, DDT's, bearhugs, face slams, stunners, splashes, pedigrees, multiple ko's, atomic drops and more.

There are many things that go into a well-scripted match. There is, of course, the concept of the match, who wins, how, etc... Lady wrestler Angelina weak and dazed

but there are other, equally important factors such as what moves are used, how the women act and react and the camera work. Every camera person sees the action through their own eyes, interests etc... and tend to focus on what they like, or for those who are not into the fetish, by what they think should be.

An example of camera work that I don't care for is when as soon as a wrestler is pinned, the camera focuse mostly on the winner whereas I like to see the focus mostly on the loser lying on the mat defeated and helpless.

Sybil Starr women's boxing KO

Another example was in a match with the incredibly awesome Tanya Danielle.
She was lifted upside down in the pile driver position and the camera shot it from the side.
Ladies wrestling piledriver side view

The million dollar shot would have been numerous angles, but especially head on.
women's wrestling piledriver head on picture

It's not that the camera person wasn't good, it's just that it never occurred to him to capture the action from my point of view. Nevertheless, I still wanted to shoot him (video shoot of course). I am willing to bet that a picture of Tanya upside down shot head on would increase sales dramatically for that video.

There was a match featuring one of my favorites, Christie Ricci. When she got knocked out, the camera focused on the winner rather than on Christie hitting the mat, struggling and ultimately failing to get up. Yes, we saw Christie as well, but not the 'critical fantasy' moments.

SKW's focus is dead on with my interests and as such, the camera angles he uses, and the things he focuses on are right up my alley.

At times it looks like sleeperkid's world is indeed a world unto its own where everyone seems to be having a fabulous time. People hang out together, party together, eat together. I can't pinpoint how, but I am certain that this atmosphere somehow has a positive effect on the matches.

If you like to see powerful women like this get destroyed, SKW is the place for you.

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SV said...

Wow...THANKS for such an amazing write up!!!


Anonymous said...

Horrible acting, some ugly and the rest mostly plain-looking girls, SKW is the worst FF producer out there.

Jonnie R said...

I obviously disagree with your rather harsh assesment, but your opinion is always welcome.
Is there anything positive to say about anything on this blog?

fred said...

Jonnie, I agree that SK does great work, and understands the appeal of the demolished jobber.

I've loved also the few behind the scenes things he's posted. I also have a fetish for women smoking cigarettes, and it's been great seeing that Serena and a few others are smokers. It is probably tied to my attraction to the weakness of jobbers (ie a girl out of breath while losing a match).

Anonymous said...

I love SKW. My favorite segments are the 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 matches and the matches with overmatched opponents (larger girl wrestling smaller girl). The matches that have a lot of bellypunching are awesome. I just hate having to wait almost a month for new ones to be uploaded. Keep up the good work, SK!