Sunday, October 25, 2009

I love Frankie Zappitelli

Check out this clip I saw on Youtube.
I love seeing Frankie Zappitelli lose.

She is great in this clip in every way!

If the clip does not load....

Does anyone agree with me?

Frankie Zappitelli's web site-


vance said...

I agree Frankie is so hot and she is even hotter when she is loosing... she has done some videos where she's getting tormented by women who are biting her toes and tying her up...hope she keeps it up

Anonymous said...

Perfect superheroine-peril type of jobber, strong and acts tough and all. And if you like Frankie to lose, jost watch her competitive werestling-she always loses.

Anonymous said...

You can find Frankie's personal website here: