Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hit The Mat

I'm usually not a fan of mixed matches, but there are some matches available that are simply too good to pass up. Matches where the hot woman is totally squashed by the guy.

The only focal point for me is the woman and what she endures, and I always wish that it would be FvF, but as mentioned, some of these matches are too good to be true.

One of the more prolific producers of these types of matches is Sleeperkid, the subject of my next blog post.

Another producer is Hit the Mat who has quickly turned into one of my favorites.

I like their philosophy.
I like the way they think.

Much of what they produce keys into my specific interests.

In an email interview with the Female Fighting News Blog, owner HTM spelled out his mission "The basic premise is to produce quality female and mixed wrestling and boxing videos"

Inspired, among others by GLOW & WOW, HTM has been fortunate enough to work with women from both of these promotions.

The boxing matches are what really turned me on to Hit the Mat. They feature massive punches, total domination, knockdowns and from what I have seen, always end in a KO.

Two examples of what I am talking about are the match between a guy named Darrius (who is quite good despite having a penis) and Frankie Zappittelli, and the yet-to-be-released Darrius vs Christie Ricci(!).

I love seeing these two powerful superstars get torn apart by Darrius. We're talking total anihilation here.

Each woman dishes out a serious beating to Darrius too. Christie Ricci is particularly magnificent as the dominant fighter, but I usually zip past those scenes in favor of what I really like.

Given the type of action they produce, I think they could put out incredible superheroine videos.
"Yes we do like super heroine scenarios," said HTM, "but as of yet have not had any customs to make any. We plan on putting something together soon."

Asked about the future, the prolific producer plans to "keep trying to put out a quality product that people enjoy….keep the creative elements going so we don’t get stale….get our website up and hopefully get a full time studio and ring."

No matter what you prefer, Woman losing or guy losing, you will not be disappointed at HTM matches cater to both interests

I think they are great and look forward to following their matches for a long time to come.

I played around with some editing software and came up with the following two clips of Frankie getting her lights punched out.
I'm still new to this, so the editing isn't perfect.

Hit the Mat can be found at:

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