Sunday, November 01, 2009

Francesca Le - She's still got it!

The Legendary Le, Francesca the Fabulous.
Fabulous Francesca, the Legendary Le.

Any way you look at it, Francesca is indeed fabulous.
And talk about looking, check out the pic on the left.

Everything works, and I love it on so many levels.

The hair 
The look
The awesome outfit
The hot red boots!

And then there's Francesca.

Under the hair
Behind the look
Inside the awesome outfit
Wearing the hot red boots!

Taken a little more than a year ago, this is the type of picture that I really love
It's nearly perfect in my book.  The only thing I wish was different is the position of her shoulders.
Move the right shoulder so that it's in line with the left and you've got the perfect picture.

Francesca is a great performer consistently putting on great performances for quite some time now.
I'm simply amazed at how good she continues to look, year after year.


Anonymous said...

I'm an avid fan of ladies wresling all the different types & yet Francesca is one that has been true from the first time she took intothe ring to present day.
IS it me or is this vision not aging

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