Thursday, May 29, 2008

Muy Caliente

An incredible sexy pose from very sexy women wrestlerCaliente I am going to start off by doing a disservice to Rachel Iverson AKA Raquel, Caliente and Rebel Girl.
So what is this disservice?
Well, I want to start off by saying that Raquel is a very,very sexy woman. Very sexy in an almost subtle way. A natural way.

So, you're probably wondering how starting off an article with a very nice compliment can be considered a disservice.

Well... the disservice is that by starting off with her sex appeal I set the tone for the entire article while the focus is really going be on some of the cool things she has done throughout her career.
Things that she probably worked very hard in order to accomplish.

But here's the thing. I really think she is very sexy and needed to say that right from the start. I mean, check out the picture above. Need I say more?
Hopefully I will "make it up to her" further down. :-)


I actually had the pleasure of briefly meeting her in October 2006 over at STJ's along with Lisa Danielle, better known as Onyx and formally Bronco Billy on WOW (there will be an article about her in the future).

They had been working in his ring right before the Sabre Studios shoot for SS-23 that I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend.

It's a shame, in retrospect, that I was not a fan of hers at the time.

I could have proposed to her!

A quick glance at Rachel's online resume shows that she has studied acting and has appeared in several theatrical productions as well as major motion pictures.

A published author, her book , "Don't Help a Man be a Man," was endorsed by world famous author of "Men are from mars, women are from Venus," Dr. John Gray.

She is also a dating coach and hosts seminars for a national dating service.

(I really should have proposed, no?)

She is part of a new generation of well trained women wrestlers who work for all the various LA women's wrestling producers.

There is a growing fan base that are willing to forgo topless matches for those that feature well trained hot women who will not wrestle topless. Raquel, who does not wrestle topless, is a prime example of the type of woman who can deliver the goods.
While on the topic of action vs topless, it must be noted that has made tremendous strides in this direction.

And yes, Rachel P Iverson is a sexy woman. Not an in-your-face sexy woman, but one with that famous "X factor," that undefinable quality that cranks things up - that makes the amps go to eleven, if you will. The quality that makes the whole way exceed the sum of its parts.

I wish her well with her career while hoping that she will continue to make wrestling videos for quite some time to come.

Rachel's website can be found at

Fan Club
Raquel & Onyx yahoo group

Female Fighter Caliente in an awesome red one-piece wrestling outfit


redmanx said...

"Natural" is the best word to describe Rachel; a natural beauty, a natural athlete, a natural person. As the guy who runs a fan club dedicated to Rachel and her sparring partner and friend, Lisa Danielle, aka Onyx, I am a huge fan! Rachel is a superb wrestler, both skillful and athletic and is a wonderful winner and also a convincing loser, which only the very best can pull off. But more than that, Rachel is known as one of the nicest people in the business. Recently, Rachel and Lisa attended the WWCA convention in San Diego, and won a host of new fans with their all action, thrill a minute style of wrestling. As Joniar says, Rachel, like Lisa, does not do topless work but this hasn't stopped her working with some of the biggest names in the industry famed as much for their work in the "adult" field as in wrestling, Hollywood and Francesca Le amongst them. Though not overtly sexy, Rachel is without doubt one of the sexiest women in wrestling today, and she knows how to make best use of her stunning looks without "crossing the line." Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, witty, highly skilled, adaptable and dedicated, Rachel P. Iverson is one of a new breed of women wrestlers, and can hold her own with the very best of the genre! Joniar mentioned Rachels web site, Smash Bam Pow! but forgot, lol, to mention the fan club, Wrestlings Dynamic Duo! at where you can see 100s of pics of this multi talented woman.

Catfight Report said...

She was one of my favorites in WOW.

However, I would like to see her wrestle for real! Meow!