Friday, May 23, 2008

Favorite Matches- Sabre Studios SS-23

Womens wrestling from Christine Dupree vs Charlee Chase

Sabre Studios is one of the best women's wrestling producer on the market today. Their female wrestling video library features women's wrestling superstars like Tanya Danielle, Vanessa Harding, Francesca Le, Christine Dupree and many more.
I particularly like the way their matches are put together, the way they are scripted. In most matches you can be assured of seeing both female wrestlers taking a serious pounding.

One of my favorite matches is SS-23, Christine Dupree vs Charlee Chase who had just come off an upset victory against the awesome Vanessa Harding!

***Spoiler information from here***

This is a 2-3 fall match that goes the distance. Christine is in awesome shape and looks really hot in a black and red bikini combo. Charlee is outstanding in a white knit bikini that it a little too small on her.

Christine gains the advantage early in the match, clearly the better skilled of the two. Charlee, however, is no slouch. She has size and power and knows how to use it. She turns the tables and subjects sexy Christine to several powerful blows.
Just when it looks like Christine is in bad shape, she turns the tables, pounds the hell out of Charlee and knocks her out after a series of pin attempts.

The next fall has Christine all over Charlee. Her combination of power and skills is simply too much for the buxom Charlee. Early into the second fall, Charlee had been weakened enough for Christine to pin her and win the match, but Christine became very, very cocky. It wasn't enough to defeat Charlee. She wanted to humiliate her as well.
She was upset at the buzz around Charlee as an up and coming superstar and wanted to make an example out of her.
Christine taunts Charlee. She does an "Ali Shuffle" showering Charlee with short, sharp jabs.
Charlee tries to fight back but Christine is much too fast. Charlee swings wildly and misses by a mile.
Finally, she fakes out one of Christine's taunts and cracks her in the jaw with a very powerful shot to the chin.
Christine's overconfidence proved to be her downfall as Charlee now assumed control and the match.
Although the action goes back and forth, Christine winds up being seriously dominated by the tall buxom blonde.
Like Charlee in the first fall, Christine is knocked out and pinned after many attempts.

The third fall starts with Christine taking a very serious beating, but eventually turns the tables. The action goes back and forth once again with each female fighter dishing out and taking serious punishment.
Ultimately, Christine succumbs to a sleeper hold and is rendered helpless. Charlee pins the great Dupree and scores another important victory over a women's wrestling legend.

I was given the privilege and had the pleasure of helping out in the writing of this script, so avid readers of this blog can probably imagine the way the action unfolds.

Sabre Studios SS-23, Christine Dupree Vs. Charlee Chase is available at the female wrestling site.


redmanx said...

Christine Dupree; I first saw her in a Playboy shoot, I think, or one of those mags, and when I discovered the joys of womens wrestling, she was one of my first heroines, if not the first! Even today, Christine is a stunning looking woman, but back then, the only other wrestler who came near her was Belinda Belle. Both these women have provided some of the best moments ever seen in a ring, or out of it, lol; if only Sabre could persuade Belinda to do a match with Christine! I like Sabre, but just wish they didnt keep on using "well endowed women," women wrestlers dont need huge breasts to be sexy.

Anonymous said...

Dupree is so hot. Here are some nude wrestling clips with her mostly losing:

(You need an access code from them but it's free)

There was also a catfight she did for Tanya Kicks in which Christine was violently destroyed. I'd love to see that one.

silent_06 said...

where i can get this match free..
is ther any link available??

Anonymous said...

Chtistine Dupree is stunning! Perfect figure and face! A really good fighter too! Her videos at Women Warriors are the best! Real and competitive!!!