Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Christie Ricci

Beautful, powerful and sexy, Woman wrestler Christie Ricci has it all.
It was inevitable. A done deal. I had no say in the matter nor did I have a chance.

As avid readers of this blog know, I have a tremendous "thing" for tall, athletic women. It is hard-wired into my system and I am instantly overwhelemed by desire whenever I encounter such women. By tall, I mean 5'10" and up. It's been like this all my life.

So obviously, there was no chance that I would not fall head over heels in love with Christie Ricci!

A professionally trained wrestler with significant experience under her belt, she is the type of woman I could have only dreamed about when I first came of age with these fantasies. Tall, athletic, beautiful and with a killer body, she is able to perform all the pro moves I have always fantasized about.

She is part of what I consider to be a new generation of professionally trained women wrestlers who are now available to perform in custom scripted matches.

Unlike TV pro wrestling where the outcome and action is controlled by people who do not necessarily share my fantasy, it is now possible to hire these women to perform in a ring according to any reasonable scenario anyone would want.

Although a wrestling veteran known as the Misssissippi Queen, Christie only recently moved out to Los Angeles and began working on the local scene. I was totally thrilled to find that out, and it wasn't long until pictures of her wrestling in the legendary STJ's ring began to pop up on the Internet.

Lady wrestler Christie Ricci is SO sexy in defeat

It is quote obvious that she knows how to sell a beating as good as giving one and this places her squarely in the center of my specific fantasies. I would assume, but do not know for sure, that she would also be available to perform in various superheroine scenarios as well. Personally, I think she would make an awesome Supergirl!

My experience has always shown that there are compromises needed to feed this fantasy so to speak.

For example, to get good wrestling action in the past, one had to often compromise on the attractiveness of some of the wrestlers.

To watch gorgeous women, one would often have to compromise on the action. Shows such as GLOW clearly illustrate that, although they did have a few memorable matches over the years.

Golden Girls videos also provided gorgeous, and often topless performers, but the nature of the action always left me wanting more. In their case, it was not only the lack of wrestling skills, for which I do not begrudge anyone, but the way the action unfolded. I would gladly compromise on wrestling skills if the matches would end in solid pinfall victories. That, however, did not stop me from buying their tapes early on.

Double Trouble Wrestling, the largest and most succesful producer of fantasy wrestling material also suffered from this syndrome until they began getting custom requests for multi-pinfall matches as discussed in an earlier blog posting. This was a clear example of a situation where the pinfall driven action more than compensated for the relative lack of wrestling skills.

Exceptions to this rule were found in TV productions such as the AWA, POWW, the LPWA and WOW. These shows had a healthy balance between skills and plots. It was in this context where I was able to see good pro action with wrestlers like Magnificent Mimi, Wendy Richter, Misty Blue Simmes, Candi Divine, Madussa Micelli and many others. My only real complaint was not seeing these powerful women get squashed too often. For example, I only saw Misty Blue get squashed once. Same for Magnificent Mimi and Reggie Bennett. I cannot recall ever seeing Wendy Richter, Madussa, Teri Power and others lose decisively.

Speaking of Misty Blue and Reggie Bennett, I often wished I could arrange a custom match between these two women and even went as far as scripting such a 3 fall match. Naturally, we would have gotten to see both women take a severe pounding and get pinned at least once. I honestly cannot recall who would have won this match since this all went on back in 1995.

Today, we have the option of seeing beautful, well trained wrestling performers giving and taking serious beatings, and the gorgeous & sexy Christie Ricci is one of them.

Her looks excite me. Her body excites me. Her simply stunning long shapely legs excite me. (I am actually WILD about her legs.) Her hips and arms excite me. I guess you all, or ya'll as a Mississippi Queen would say, get the picture.

Most exciting of all is the fact that she has worked and hopefully will continue to do so with Sleeperkids World whose basic wrestling action philosophy is as close as anyone has ever come to mine. The fact that she does not wrestle topless means nothing to me as I am always gladly willing to forgo toplessness for the kind of action that someone like Christie can provide in a well-scripted match.

I would love to see her go up against Vanessa Harding in a 2-3 fall match. Even better, I would love to see these two wonderful performers go at each other in a "Texas Death" style pinfall match where the action continues until one woman cannot continue.

Frankie Zappitelli would also be a great opponent.

If I really want to take this into the real relm of fantasy, I would love to see Christie and Chyna go at it as well, with each woman getting squahed & pinned numerous times.

If one looks at the top collage, it is impossible not to notice how beautiful she really is. The second collage, obviously, features action that excites me the most.

So in conclusion, I simply ADORE Christie Ricci and hope she will stay around the LA & SKW scene long enough to build up a long resume of unforgettable matches.

To Christie I would simply say "SCHWING!"

Christie Ricci's website can be found at


Chris F. said...

Christie is awesome. I don't need to add too much more.

Anonymous said...

Christie is great, she has even done some competitive matches, which takes some guts for a pro. BTW she's done several fantasy matches with Vanessa and at least one with Frankie. It's all floating out there on the web.

Catfight Report said...

I have an interview with Christie on my website if anyone is interested:

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of Christie's since I saw her make her debut for the PGWA vs. the great Leilani Kai. Great looks, a super body and wrestling talent to match. Christie is the total package.

Thayer C Taylor said...

A nice article on Ms Ricci but the author is somewhat out of date on her status. She moved to San Diego some 2 years ago. On 31 July she moved to Hawaii for a 1 year sabbatical from wrestling to reflect on her future life/career.
She fought Vanessa Harding twice for SLAMmin Ladies. Also fought Zappatelli at least twice--once at a women wrestling convention, then for FemWin. She has made many commission matches for Ring Women Video.
Altho her skills are second to none her win-loss ratio, surprisingly, seems be 50-50 based on the many videos we have colected. She is a shrewd promoter and businesswoman. We get the impression she feels her biggest market are the men who like to see a beautiful woman worked over.
We feel her best matches of legitimate competition are her several encounters vs Tasha Simone, her two losses to Raisha Saeed, and her first battle against Rain for her own Posh Productions outfit.