Saturday, February 10, 2007

Favorite moves- the Piledriver!

There's something about the piledriver that has always excited me. I look at it as kryptonite for wrestlers. No matter how good you are or how tough you may be, if you get nailed by a piledriver, it's almost always over for you.
Those of you who have been following this blog know that one of my favorite moments of all time was Misty Blue taking a piledriver and then losing a fall. I somehow seem to recall that Magnificent Mimi may have taken one too, but if it did happen, I think that her manager then interfered or something like that.
In any case, I LOVE the piledriver. The problem is that not many people are properly trained to perform them, either on the giving or receiving end, and given the dangers involved, the move is not seen very often in Women's Wrestling.
Professionally trained wrestlers like Vanessa Harding, Hollywood, Hurricane Havana, Lady Victoria and others can perform them well, but in order for them to be on the (schwing) receiving end, they have to be up against a woman who also has the proper training. Female wrestling video producer Sabre Studios is just waiting for the right combination of participants to put in a good piledriver scene and I can't wait.

One exception to the piledriver rule is Sleeper Kid's World who seems to use them with decent frequency in his productions. I came across this awesome video clip on you tube that I will try to share here, and SK & Co. definitely deserve their "props" for some great footage.

(I hope the embedded clip above keeps working for a long time)

The piledriver always has and always will be one of my favorite female wrestling finishing moves. Back in the old days I would have loved to see Wendy Richter, Reggie Bennett, Chyna, Candi Divine and other powerful pros be taken out by one. I'm still optimistic for the future and other powerful looking women being taken out by the "wrestler's kryptonite."

If anyone has good piledriver pictures they wish to share, please let me know!

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