Monday, February 05, 2007

Classic Poses- Mega Babe

So many little things go into making a perfect, or almost perfect pose. The pics above and below are taken from's Mega Babe series, one of the greatest superheroine stories ever made! These sample pics are incredible too.
Look at the top one.
We've already established on this blog that Tanya Danielle is a superheroine personified. She not only has the looks and body, but check out her expression, the way her arms are down by her sides, the way her powerful legs suddenly seem weak. This is a superheroine who moments earlier was invincible! Undefeatable! Powerful beyond belief. But now? As for the little things, I think the way her hair looks only adds to this great imagery.
The picture below is quite similar, but in a different setting from a different video. One again, Tanya plays weak and helpless in an outstanding fashion. Add in the fact that there's a wrestling ring involved and I find a wide range of my fantasies coming into play here. Tanya nails her role once again, combining facial expressions with sexy body language.

Of course, what REALLY puts the above two shots into proportion in a shot like the one below.

Extreme confidence, total power, incredible beauty. This is a superheroine to be reckoned with. This is an extremely powerful woman who has got it all. She's invincible. Invulnerable. Rarely ever challenged, much less defeated. The idea that such a powerful woman can be made weak and helpess is mind boggling. This picture above is what establishes her as an icon and this is what make the other two pictures above so much more effective.

Prodigal Superheroine Tanya Danielle does a phenomenal job as Mega Babe, A super powered dynamo betrayed by her own body and desires. Hawk Heroines is one of the greatest producers of all time, and I really, really, really, REALLY would like to see more of Tanya Danielle with them in the future. Perhaps they will be the ones to finally give us the ultimate showdown between Tanya and Tylene Buck. It's hard to type with my fingers crossed so I'll just leave it at that.

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