Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cori Nadine- The Greatest Superheroine there never was

Hot fitness model and sexy power babe Cori Nadine
The first time I saw a picture of Cori Nadine it was like being struck by lightning. I was exposed to a new genre of women called "fitness models," and I really, really liked it.

How could I not like it? It's almost like it was made for me. Beautiful, fit women posing in ways that accentuate their power. Check out the collage on top. She's got everything from the body to the face to the attitude.

I joined her site and tried to get a hold of every picture of her that I could. After all, the combination of her poses with my vivid imagination can only lead to great things. And great things did occur, at least with respect to the times.

Back in the mid to late 1990's I had a website where I would post Superheroine stories and photomanipulations. I never became extremely proficient with photomanipulations, but I had FUN and produced hundreds of them. Sometimes I would find a number of similar pictures that I could sequence into a story, and that what I did several times with Cori (rhymes with Story).
This was back in the day when quality pictures of costumed models were hard to find.
As fate would have it, I do not currently have access to my old photmanips so I can't post anything here right now. I quickly made a couple of new ones, just so you get a better picture of what's in my mind.
Cori Nadine would make an awesome superheroine
Some fitness models have made the transition over to wrestling and/or superheroine videos. Tylene Buck comes to mind, for example. Unfortunately not Cori Nadine.

I can't help but think how great it would be to see her in a wrestling ring or as a Wonder Woman like character. She's got the tone, the definition and everything else needed to become one of my premier fantasy women. I am not aware of any producers that have been able to get a hold of her, but if anyone knows her, and she's still in good shape 10 years later, I know several people who would chomp at the bit to hire her.
So, does anyone share my enthusiasm?
I know I'm not alone because I have read quite a few fantasy league wrestling stories featuring Cori Nadine. Let's see if we can get some comments going about her.


Anonymous said...

Too slutty, IMO, to be a superheroine. Would make a great villain, especially against WW. Cory might even use inappropriate tactics, which WW would have a pretty hard time resisting.

gentlemanbrat said...

Cori Nadine is an excellent choice for superheroine fantasies. She would make a good hero or villain. She has the sexy expressions and the physical attributes. I want to exchange pics, with John, so get back to me at ''

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I always thought she would be a great ass-kicker. Strong, fit body, tough attitude. I love her.

Anonymous said...

here is a place where she a fictional character of her wrestles: