Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hawk Heroines

Hawk Heroines- Super heroines in distress

Hawk Heroines has taken superheroine in distress videos to a new level.

When they first started, they brought a new level of professionalism to the genre with well scripted and well directed videos.

Stacy Burke appears to be the star of the organization playing the part of Crimson Hawk, the most powerful of a group of superheroines named the Hawks.

Another innovation was in the way they sold their product. Rather than have a regular membership site, they charged per episode.

Some of the terrific performers who have worked for them are:
Stacy Burke
Tanya Danielle
Diana Knight
Francesca Le
Jewel Marceau
Eve Ellis
and quite a few more.

The site is heavy on the sexual context and on the fighting. The fighting scenes are well choreographed.

One of my favorite videos of all time is a Hawk Heroines production featuring Tanya Danielle as Mega Babe going up against the evil Francesca. This video was discussed in an earlier article on this blog. As mentioned, this is one of my all time favorites.
There was another Mega Babe episode with Diana Knight that was also very good.

The one pet peeve I have is that they do a lot of ass-kicking, at least in the videos I have seen.
I don't particularly care to see a woman kicked in the ass over and over again (although the sound effects are good).
Other than that, I think that Hawk Heroines is one of the premier producers in the genre of Superheroines in Peril , and I wish them continued success. I still believe that the best is yet to come.

For more information and to purchase episodes, go to Hawk Heroines


Anonymous said...

Frankie Zap destroyed in competitive wrestling at WWC Convention:


An amazingly public humiliation. Must be very sexy.

redmanx said...

When my first pc was up and running and I had a rough, very, lol, idea of what I was doing, I searched for Superheroines and, amid the WWs, SGs, BGs, and others that I recognized, was something called Crimson Hawk. Full of the feeling of adventure I clicked on the link, and a whole new world opened up for me. Crimson Hawk was like nothing I had seen or experienced, the Monastic life you see, and blew my mind, nose, ears, everything! Here was what was I had always dreamed of; gorgeous, beautifully crafted 3D Superheroines, with real life video and fantastic photos depicting them in peril, fighting, winning and losing in plots stuffed full with mega sex and violence! LOL! When I had recovered my senses enough to use my mouse, I went through the links to discover further delights, among them, Ultra Woman. Doc Droids stunning creation stole my heart and still is my favourite in the entire genre, but Crimson Hawk had shown me the light! The episodes I bought and still have remain among my most treasured possessions and Alex Bettingers fantastic web site still leads the way as THE complete package in Superheroine fantasy. Long may Crimson Hawk continue to delight and amaze us!