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Favorite Supergirls- Adara Steele

Supergirl Adara Steele. Hot & sexy
Ah, the Steele sisters. Man o man. These are some hot young ladies in first rate Supergirl costumes.

By the way, they're not really sisters ;-)

Mandi was the first Steele, then Adara came along, followed by a number of other gorgeous Steele sisters.

Without taking a thing away from Mandi, Adara quickly became my favorite. That's probably because she was the more athletic of the two.
The collage above is a pretty good representation of how hot she is.

I do have a pet peeve about Mandi and most of the other Steele sisters. It's in the way they position their capes. In most of their pictures, part of the cape is draped over their left shoulder.

Believe it or not, this affects how much I like these pictures. This is why it is unlikely that any of these pictures will ever make it to this blog's "when it all comes together" category.

I like the cape to be totally hanging back off of the shoulders. Like Helen Slater.

Another peeve I have about the Steeles is that there is almost no peril there at all.
I realize that their niche is all about girl power. There are many fans of that. Also, they don't want to do any type of porn, or anything even remotely similar.

I always claimed that they could also cater to the Supergirl-becomes-weak crowd without having to be explicit at all. My feeling is that a well-done peril scene can be so exciting unto itself that it often makes more explicit material superfluous. Of course, I like both types.

What would make peril with the Steele sisters so amazing is because of the fact that they never lose. Therefore, when they finally do lose, at least temporarily, it is all the more exciting.

In a previous blog article, I mentioned that one of the reasons seeing Lynda Carter helpless as Wonder Woman was so exciting is because it didn't happen very often. A lot of the peril videos go almost immediately to the heroine being taken out without really establishing her as a major power.

Of course, I understand that completely. That's the nature of this genre, at least for now.
All of the above notwithstanding, I really, really like the Steele universe. The women are sensational and the costumes amazing. They were actually revolutionary when they first started because until then, no one really posed in such great replicas of the costumes that we (or just I ?) have grown to love over the year.

Alas, Adara vanished from the Steele scene several years ago, but the legacy she left behind will always remain one of my favorites.

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redmanx said...

I only discovered these lovely sisters a couple of years ago, 2005, and thought then that yes, they looked good, but their poses looked rather wooden, and far too many are side on. The cape thing you mention is spot on, and seems to be a family trait! Again, I totally agree that there is simply not enough peril and that by showing a smidging more flesh their poses/pics would improve dramatically. But, for all this, the Steeles have to be congratulated for helping popularize the Superheroine genre further. And that cant be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Hot. I especially like the pic with glasses--nice librarian look. But for the superheroine fantasy, a blonde has a much bigger credibility gap to overcome than a brunette. That's just me.

Anonymous said...

They did some peril a while back but it never lasted very long. I think they got it into their heads that if you like that sort of thing then you must hate women, which is BS. Very hot though, I probably liked Mandi a bit more than Adara but either was enjoyable to see.

GMan2 said...

Hey Joniar...I agree with you wholeheartedly on Adara being the better looking in the Red & Blues. :D But you know how you have the peeve with the cape & how it is worn? How this simple piece of cloth not worn to what we remember & grew up with, can (not ruin), but just take that element of excitement away from you? Mine is the boots. For awesome looking as ALL the girls are on all the Steele Universe sites...something as simple as a pair of platform, thick heeled boots, KILL that excitement for me. I don't care what anyones argument about why they wear them..."Ohhhh, it's easier for the girls to "fight" in.".......Or, "It's extremely hard to fight in a pair of high heels."...I don't much care. :) I want to see them in a nice pair of dress heeled boots! The comics of my youth had them drawn in high heels, it's what I came to's what I want to see my heroines fight in! I have to love DanO over at SHC for delivering weekly on that. But man how I wish ALL the other sites would step up & deliver it as well. Something as simple as a pair of high heeled dress boots on a heroine REALLY make the difference...In my humble little opinion. LOL!

GMan2 (Site Owner of