Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Misty Blue Simmes Takes a Piledriver!

You tube is a gold mine for fans of Women's wrestling and Superheroines in distress.
There are not enough hours in the day to view all that is available there.

In an earlier blog post about Misty Blue Simmes, the topic of her (almost never) losing was brought up and one particular match was mentioned, one where Misty loses one fall as a result of a piledriver.

I am pleased to link up to a youtube.com clip of the fall where Misty gets hammered.
If anyone out there knows of similar footage of Misty, or rare fottage of her, please leave a comment.



Anonymous said...

She was so hot as a victim. If I recall correctly, that was the match they lost, leading to the demise of TA when Heidi turned on Misty. Put the cattiness in catfight.

The Jobber King said...

If I may leave an off-topic comment, I am very much looking forward to your blog entry on the wonderful Lisa Marie.

The Jobber King

leesilber3 said...

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