Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jessle, The Queen of Mean

One of the breakout stars on the website is a fascinating young lady named Jessle (Rhymes with "Wrestle"). Dubbed the "Queen of Mean," she immediately caught my attention. Now I must admit that I have not seen any of her videos yet, but they are high on my "to get" list. My impressions are solely from pictures I have seen at Sleeperkid's site.

Normally I don't go for tattoos, Mohawks, shaved heads, purple hair and the like, but with Jessle, none of this mattered. There is simply something about her. For one, she is professionally trained. She knows how to wrestle. Secondly, she has a killer body. Strong, powerful yet feminine. She seems to be a good actress, projecting power, confidence and cockiness. She also seems to be a good seller who can take a serious beating and get all the body language and facial expressions right.

I like what Sleeperkid has done with her character as well. He made her out to be this incredibly powerful competitor, yet he's also had her suffer some tremendous defeats. One in particular that I LOVE concept wise and when Jessle was handily defeated by a jobber that rarely ever wins. This is the kind of stuff I live for.

In later pictures, SK had her in some awesome shiny and tight wrestling outfits- sometimes with prostyle boots as well. She looks absolutely incredible in them.

She went up against Lady Victoria in what looks to be an amazing match. From what I've been able to see, it looks like she dished a little bit out to the seasoned pro before taking a massive beating. I will have to see this one and soon!

You can see more of her on myspace and on her yahoo group

I like her whole "Queen of Mean" persona, but I have a feeling that in real life she's really a sweet girl. I could be totally wrong, since I have never even spoken with her, but that's the impression I get.

If you take a good look at the collages above you will certainly see why I am a fan. Look how hot she looks when she's dishing it out, and look how even hotter she looks when taking it.

She's been away from the ring for a while following an accident. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing her a full & speedy recovery, NOT ONLY in order to see her back in action, but that will be great too.


Anonymous said...

Now I am not sure wether a comment on Jessle is allowed but I'll do it anyway.

I fully agree with Joniar on Jessle and the way she was built up by Sleeperkid. Now I am not a bog fan of punk or tattoos but Jessle has something about her which suggest power yet feminine.

Her performing on SKW was generally the one who dished out punishment or at least finished victorious.

What I till today do not understand is why Jessle's demise in SKW was such a silent one.

On SKW Jessle had an ongoing fued with jobber Angeline who was badly beaten by Jessle on every occasion yet in SW-74 "Legends of the Falls" Angelina again challenges Jessle and but this time Angelina destroys Jessle in a matter of minutes becoming the new queen of SKW. Not much is there to be found on this match on the SKW site other than the video SW-74.

I reckon if it would be for Jonair or myself, we would put this battle much more in the attention than SKW did.

Now, I have seen Jessle in some outfits but must agree to the shiny blue & pink outfits which give her a hell of a sexy appearance despite her hair & tattoos.

Furthermore I think Jessle should have wrestled Vanessa Harding for SKW as she did wrestle Lady Victoria. I won't give it away but it was a massacre for one of the wrestlers. The story behind this match was that LV had beaten every comers and Jessle was in as kinda a last stand/hope in order to stop LV's reign of wins.

Hopefully Jessle will return to SKW also because there are some other sexy and interesting opponents for Jessle to beat or get beaten by them maybe ...


Darrell said...

I find Jessle to be one of sleeper kids prettiest ladies with a very hot body. Jessle has that girl next door look although she does have that funky hair & tattoos. One of my favorite pics of Jessle is when she was being dominated by this big muscled girl. Jessle is so sexy in defeat. It's to bad that you can't post pics because I did try to include a pic of Jessle being dominated by that big muscled girl but I couldn't paste it into this comment. I do have pics of Jessle wrestling & can be viewed in my yahoo group:
Because it is a adult group of women wrestling erotically you must be 18 to join this group. Of course their are other girls there that are mentioned in this site like Hollywood wrestling as wonder woman. I also like to manipulate pics so I did create some pics of Linda Carter wrestling erotically as wonder women. Anyways the owner of this site did ask members from my group to join & post comments to this site, so I decided I would do that. This is my 1st time I ever been on a blog.

Darrell said...

Re: Last comment. I seen that this dumb thing didn't put the entire yahoo group url so I'll put in what you have to do after the http:// ca.
Kinda hard to go to a yahoo group with the last part of the url missing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Johnnie,

You probably have seen it but I thought I'd mention the clip to you.

A clip of Jessle on where she interferes with a woman called (ECW) Shelly Martinez.

It is a short clip and from the first looks I would say Jessle gets her ass kicked but later she finds Shelly.

Search for: jeazell or follow the link: